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Anyone else's kitty love hugs?!

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Maia absolutely loves hugs! First thing when I come home from work, she gives me the I want a hug look, I kneel down and she jumps up front end over my shoulder while I hold her and buries her face in my neck while purring like there is no tomorrow! The look is undeniable, must have hug now or trouble!
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Both of my boy's are huggers but Diesel likes to knead and drool while he's hugging.
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Joey is my hugger, and he must have one before we go to bed
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Susie loves attention every time I go in the bathroom. She wants picked up and does a hug thing, one arm on each side of my neck and bites me with little love bites then rubs here face on my chin or neck! Cats are so amazing
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My Lucky gives me hugs all day,she loves to nuzzle into my neck
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Same here with my kitty-I think it's the cutest thing.
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Sonic likes to be hugged, he will jump in my lap, headbut me to within an inch of my life, and lie down on my chest looking up at me waiting for me to put my arms around him.

Radar on the other hand requires a gently-gently approach when he gives affection - if he feels overwhelmed he will jump straight off you, so I just let him stomp on me while I gently stroke him, giving him space to lie down if he chooses to bless me with cuddles He does like to be picked up and carried around on his back though!
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When I come home from work is about the only time Seamus wants to be picked up for a hug... he hangs his head off the side of my arm and gently kneads for a minute, looks for a couple kisses and then he's off. He is a cuddler though, if I lay down on the couch he'll lay next to me for hours if I don't move... he's been the cause of a few unnecessary naps for me
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Buster is a hugger too! But he only hugs the left shoulder. If you put him on the right shoulder, he'll scoot on over to the other side. All the vets and techs love him because he hugs everyone at the clinic! When he's at the kennel and they open his cage, he lunges out and lands on their left shoulder
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Most of our cats love hugs, they bury their faces into our shoulders
Then they go for kisses on top of their heads to top it off

Everyday is filled unlimited kitty hugs & kisses!
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Maverick would let me hug & kiss him all day long if I wanted to! He is definitely the "lover-boy" of the bunch. Every night when I go to bed he follows me into the bedroom, and burrows under the blankets until he gets too hot. During the night, I usually find him above my head next to the pillow, whenever I wake up.

The others don't like being held very much, but love to be petted and doted upon.

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I used to have a long haired black and white kitty who loved to hug. When I would pick her up she would reach her front paws out like a little child and wrap them around your neck. She literally did hug onto you. I've never had another cat hug quite like she did.

Tomas snuggles into my neck, but he doesn't actually hug... and as for Sho, he's almost dead weight when I hold him. He just goes limp and lays there.
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Flashy, my Persian is a great hugger! She will crawl on my lap and hug all night!!
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My JJ loves to be held like a baby and snuggled close... and if he's not ready to get down he holds on for dear life.... It's almost as if he's saying, "Noooo Mumma... I want more lovin'"

Cat's really are amazing creatures. I never saw myself as a cat person until I adopted these endearing brothers. Josh is so soft... it's ... therapeutic to stroke him.

I do love my kitties!!
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Pearl has become a big hugger lately. She jumps up on the bed at night, and must be hugged and cuddled. It has taken 7 years, but she has finally turned into a little love bug. She must give kisses as well during her hugs.
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Awww...I love these cute stories about people and their hugging kitties!

My 2 are funny. They're not very mushy...but they both love being picked up and "snorgled." My little boy was making the cutest little noises when I was carrying the female, "Momma, my turn!"

My female will rub faces with my husband if we're sitting on the couch watching TV (she's definitely saying, "Loooooooooove you, loooooooooooooooove you"). Then she sits on his lap.
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I have a cat that loves hugs too. He's never hugged me, but he hugs my daughter. Bailey is definitely "her cat". She can do whatever she wants to him and he'll just lay there and take it. She'll pick him up and squeeze him and he puts his paws around her neck and actually hugs her back. It's very cute.
My other cat, Gio, does not like hugs at all.
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Bea hates affection , unless of course it's on her terms and it's kinda rare.

Berach and Chloe are very affectionate though, Chloe more so. My boyfriend always asks me, "Is she ALWAYS in your lap?" haha. she follows me around and likes to be on my chest but doesn't really "hug".

I did have an orange tabby in college that was the ultimate hugger though, little paws around the neck and all, then, kisses.
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Sonic has recently worked out how to force me to hug him!

Here's how it goes - he will jump onto my lap and flop down half on and half off my lap. He will look up at me and yowl. He will start to slip off my lap. He will dig his back claws into my legs, and grab my shirt or arm with his front claws. I will put my arms around him to stop him slipping, all the while gritting my teeth. He will retract his claws, start to purr, and go to sleep - while I sit and hold him on my lap.

He's got me very well trained
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