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Advice on bald path please?!?

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Hey Guys,

My cat would be 4yrs old now.

The other day i noticed a big bald patch on his inner leg at the front.

So i washed his with flea shampoo and gave him an all worming treatment.....

I have tocuhed it and it doesnt seem to be sore, and he isn't acting differently.

His toileting is still the same and his eating is still consistent if not alittle more...

I know i have to take him to the vet and i will, i would just like some opinons on what this could be in the mean time.

Thanks heaps.
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He is likely having a reaction to the flea shampoo .//// Please take him to a vet ... you can try rewashing
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No it wouldnt be that.....that is the main reason i had washed him with the flea shampoo si i could get rid of as many fleas as possible.

He has the bald patch before i had washed him.

I had been reading up on this and they also suggest it could be stress related or simply over grooming?
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He could have a flea allergy ... YES I have a stress over groomer( hers is related to food allergies)
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Anyone else
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Did he recently have a vaccination on his leg? My cat had his rabies and 4-in-one shots on Sunday and now he has two huge bald patches at the injection site. Has your cat been excessively licking or scratching that area?
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If you used an over the counter wormer, that could be part of the problem. Please do NOT self-medicate your cat. If you suspect worms, take him to the vet to verify and treat.

If your cat has fleas, you need to do more then washing. Flea comb, treat the house, keep cat inside, and use Advantage or Frontline.

The bald area could also be a sign of ringworm which is a fungus, not a worm.
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What kind of food does he eat? Usually, health problems occur when pets eat foods that have animal digest and/or meat by-products. If you purchased the food at any grocery store, your cat is not eating the best of foods, they lack proper nutrients, that's why they are so cheap.
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Does he go outside? Maybe a bug bite irritated that spot.
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It can be one of several things, allergies, stress induced overgrooming, irritation from a flea bite or.. well the list goes on really.

Monitor your cat closely. If he's licking it enough to keep it moist some of the time it can get infected very quickly which will make it itchy which will then make your cat lick it more. It's a vicious circle if it starts up. You'll need to see a vet and get an antibacterial steroid cream to put on it to stop the itching and help with the infection if it happens. Otherwise your cat will end up with an infected open sore that won't heal.

So basically if it starts getting red around the edges and is moist some of the time when you check on it, go to the vet asap.

It's probably a good idea to get feliway in case it's the stress overgrooming thing and then be really careful with your cats diet. Has it changed at all recently? or any new treats been given?

ETA: Good point with the ring worm, could be that too.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
The bald area could also be a sign of ringworm which is a fungus, not a worm.
Since this is something I am going through right now, this was my first thought too.
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I took my cat to the vet on Firday

She said it was nothing to worry about at all, it was just that something had bitten him.

She had given him an anti-inflamtry needle and 1 weeks worth of medication.

His hair should grow back in about 1mth.

Now the fun part is putting the pills down his throat, now that his caught onto what im doing.

The vet showed us a way of doing it but its not working anymore
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