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Baby formula/KMR

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Can human baby formula be used in place of KMR? Ideally I am assuming no. But someone emailed me asking and I highly doubt they are going to go out and buy KMR as expensive as it is. What harm can come from using baby formula?
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I'm no authority on this, so am hoping other posters who are will have more info; but I DO know that cow's milk frequently causes diarrhea in cats and diarrhea, of course, can have life-threatening consequences because of dehydration and other issues.
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yes of course, I didn't even think of that. These babies are 5 days old. I don't think of powdered formula as real milk but i suppose unless it is lactose free, it is right?
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I saw a recipe for homemade kitty formula that uses baby soy formula as one of the ingredients, and added a few other things lik eegg yolks, but I can't remember where I saw the recipe.
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