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Welcome to the Breeder's Corner.

Participants of this forum should not post messages which are anti-breeder in nature or are in any other way discouraging of those who post valid and important questions. It is our goal to assist anyone who wishes to read or post messages by providing friendly, educational responses. We want ALL readers to feel welcomed.

If you are a person involved in any way with the Rescue effort, please know that ALL of the TCS Breeder Members strongly support you and your tireless efforts. We welcome your input here so long as you can remember that we are first and foremost, breeders. For many of us, breeding is a passion we take quite seriously ... perhaps as seriously as many Rescue folks take their chosen vocation. Please remember that as you post your messages. If you take a strong exception to breeders or the practice of breeding, then we ask you kindly to please not post here. As Moderators, we believe (and consider it to be our personal duty to make absolutely certain) that this forum is a place where breeders and those interested in learning from them can feel safe and protected. While many have strong views about the issue of breeding, and while some may even present valid arguments, this is not the appropriate forum to voice your views. Nor is it appropriate to try and belittle someone or otherwise try to flame them for something they have posted.

If you are interested in learning about the techniques and concepts of animal husbandry as it relates to felines, you are welcome to post your questions here.

If you have any questions about the Guidelines of this Forum, please do not hesitate to contact any one of the Moderators.