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I hate to be the first to say it, but the video for "Gimme More" isn't helping her case. 4 minutes of her clumsily dancing on a stripper pole, some of it actually topless (no, you can't see anything)... this is supposed to help her prove she's straightening up and wants to settle down with her kids? That and that she missed her first visitation.

It's just so tragic. *sigh* Whoever is enabling her needs to stop it already.
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Will somebody PLEASE get this no-talent twit OFF of my TV and computer screens?

Too bad, that it's too late for TNR.
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Originally Posted by jenniferd View Post
In my view, the best thing that woman can do right now is to lock herself up in some long term rehab facility.
The problem with that is the facilities that most celebrites pick, especially the younger ones, is more like a resort than it is a rehab centre.

Private rooms, room service, pool, spa, masseus etc. They get very little counselling.

They need to lower their standards and sign in to a real rehab facility where the emphasis is on recovering, not on which pool boy to pick to apply sun tan lotion to your back!
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I feel so bad for her..I can't imagine losing my kids
I hope that she gets herself together and gets her kids back
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I sometimes wonder if she is gonna be another Anna Nicole story?

I sincerely hope not, because of her 2 boys, but she is not heading in a good direction.
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I saw the other day that she has also lost her visitation rights until she complies with all of the court orders against her.


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I did feel sorry for Britney Spears before, but now she's really just getting on my nerves. I really wish the media would just stop following her around all the time because she's just loving all this. Every time I see her now she's laughing and smiling just playing it all up for the camera. I really think she loves all this attention she's getting, she really doesn't seem like she's sad at all about losing her kids. I believe she does need help though.
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Originally Posted by ckblv View Post
Oh good grief, why is it always's someone else's fault? She was an adult, it is no one else's fault that she does drugs, abuses alcohol, is a poor parent.

Yeah, like K-Fed twisted her arm and poured the booze and drugs down her throat. People need to take responsibility for their own actions.
Could not have said it better myself. . .

She made the choice. She made a concious choice. If she were concerned for her children and Federline was the one forcing it on her, they why did she not get out, why did she not divorce him and take their children and keep them safe?

She did not want to.

She chose to be in the position she is in right now, and I 100% do not feel sorry for her...
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I would have some amount of sympathy if it seemed like she had a real substance problem and was trying as hard as she could to control it. Addiction is a scary beast, and difficult to defeat, but she seems happy to be able to go crazy instead of caring for her children and I have a very hard time imaginging that.
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