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He is a little monster

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Our kitchen has 2 door ways, one doorway has a door that goes to the den and one doorway which is more of an arch with no door, so when I wash the floor I shut the one door, and work backwards and Mellow normally completely ignores the room....

Today however he decides that while the floor is still very wet he will keep attempting to walk on it, as soon as I stopped playing with him he went back to walk on it. so eventually I gave up and figured maybe he just wants to explore....

NOPE the little monster decides to lay down on his side with maximum cat body touching the floor!!

he normally hates water so I was quite shocked, all I can think is that it was nice and cool because the windows were open and there is a nice breeze coming in.

I ended up drying the floor with a towel because I was worried if he got floor cleaner on his coat then he may lick it and ingest it. Now the floor is dry he doesnt want to go and lie in there at all!
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He was trying to "help" mommy by drying the floor for you! Or, he just wanted to be the center of attention (more likely than the helping thing ). Cats are weird...as soon as you stop something, they lose interest. Gotta love 'em though.
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Tonka does it too
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Go figure! Kittys are just like that!
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