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Tigger is HOME!

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We got him Friday night! After a week of late nights, set traps, frustration, tears and anxiety, he came home with us on Friday. We knew where he was hanging out, between 3 buildings at the apartment complex. We set traps all around the perimeter but with people coming and going, cars, etc. he wouldn't be still for very long. There were 5 of us out there Friday and one of the volunteers, I swear, speaks cat language. He must have had 5 different calls, mating call, mama to babies call, etc. Every time he called, Tigger answered! After about 2 hours, he sat on the sidewalk and called mama to kitten call. Tigger came out with his tail up in the air and slowly walked up to him and rubbed. He picked him up and he just cuddled in his arms. No scruffing, no trap. We couldn't believe it. Hugs, tears, and a 'woo-hoo'. The part that really infuriates me is that the people who adopted him never once called, never asked if they could help, NOTHING. Well guess what? They aren't getting their money back. 5 days, 4-5 hours a night, 4-5 volunteers: I think that's worth $125.

Either way, he's home and he's not going back there. We'll find him another suitable home, and hopefully one of his brothers will go with him. He has 3 siblings still at home and the boys are all bonded. The girl hissed at her brother, but now they are fine. She forget who he was!
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Woot! Congrats! That is wonderful.

And I'm not allowed to say what I think of those people who "adopted" him - my mother calls those bad words "college talk." Because I learned them in college.
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glad he was finally caught!!
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Welcome how Tigger! I hope that your next home is a winner!
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Oh, that's wonderful! Good for Tigger to get a winner of a place next time.
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Glad to hear he's safely home.
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