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Starting to Worry

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We have a 2yr old cat who broke out the entire screen frame of my downstairs window and got herself preggo this summer This was somewhere within the first week of August, so I'm guesstimating the kittens are due any day now ...
The nerves are just now taking hold since she is so close to her due date. I am hearing conflicting advice - who says to leave cats be during the delivery, who says to assist them. I am leaning towards not assisting her & only periodically checking in. Is this ok, or do I have to assist the delivery and cut cords, stimulate kittens the way I would do with my dogs? (I breed Beagles, btw) Do cats require the same whelping care as dogs?
Another thing I've noticed is that her mammary glands are becoming harder - I'm guessing they're starting to get impacted with milk. This rarely occurs with my Beags, but when it does, it means pups are coming within 24hrs ... I noticed this in Willow about 2 days ago, and no kittens yet
Please keep your paws crossed for her & any advice at all is aprpeciated!

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Hi, welcome to TCS, I'm Sadie

My advice would be to leave your cat to it and check in every 5 mins or so, or if she'll let you, sit in there with her - Ziggy let me. Don't intervene unless mum isn't doing things properly. So just have the necesary things to hand. Has she started nesting yet? She will probably start to seek out a quite safe place to have them - Ziggy didn't.

Good Luck and keep us updated
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My one breeding queen would not have kittens until I was there for her. She would do everything BUT cut the cords - I had to do that on every litter.

Its nice if you can be handy in case of problems. I'd just watch and wait to see if she needs help. You should have her confined to a room with large cage and nesting box. I like to use 2 pillowcases - one with newspaper for delivery; the other with a towel or two for after all are born

Usually if you can get a little milk out of the nipples, they will have them within 48 hrs.

Pictures when you can please
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In my experience some cats will want you there, some prefer to do it by themselves. All you can do is be prepared and watch for signals from her, which I am sure you will understand when they happen. Just stay ready and tuned in. I once had a mother cat who literally climbed out of her birthing box with a kitten half out of her when she thought I was going to leave the room. Another just climbed into a dark cupboard and hissed if I or anyone went too near. Good luck.
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