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I have one kitty: Babee. She got her name because of her size-5 1/2 lbs and she loves to be held like a baby.
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I have an orange tabby cat named Garfield. I also have a brown tabby named Festus, her whole litter was named after Gunsmoke, the show. I also have a black cat named Jasmin. I have a cat named Will, too. He is in my avatar pic. Josie is a tuxedo kitty.
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All my animals have names that describe something about them, even my mice.
April, dog - born in April,
Sooty, dog - sooty colored,
Coco, cat - coco colored,
Blossom, cat - spring baby with a colorful face like a flower,
Mice - Little Squirt - very small when I got him
- Star - small spot on head
- Spikey - very fluffy mouse with spikey hair.
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Dinah- after alice in wonderlands cat. . .

though most of the time i call her keykey or girl. . .
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Raj. I have a Persian cat with an Indian name.
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Well Mine are Shadow and Finnegan and my new additions (my boyfriends) are ... wait for it... Disco... and Queen! lol Both boys.. poor things..
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Hennessy was named after the booze.

Because my roommate started a theme with our pet's names.

Bacardi, Pernod, Guinness, Baileys, Sour Apple Pucker (Puck), Jack Daniels, and Kahlua are the others.
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Wow! What an amazing range of names! I love them all!
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Gizmo - calico
Button - patched tabby
Uno - tuxedo
Bob - grey tabby w/white
Penelope - grey tabby w/white
Moochie - white w/grey tabby patches
Igore - brown tabby w/white
Zagnut - white
Beastie Bear - grey tabby
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OX (real name Oxford). I got him when he was two from my supervisor. He had just been neutered the day before (bit of a fighter). Anyhow we put him in the detached garage (closed up so he couldn't get out) anyhow I heard some cats fighting in the middle of the night and said to myself-thank goodness "Ox" (he had a different name) is locked in the garage. But I went to check and he somehow got the petdoor open!! So I found him and put in back in the garage and put a concrete block in front of the pet door. Also when he eats he put his head done int the dish and its do not disturb time.
So because he was so strong I named him OX.

Grizzly and her rainbow bridge sister Sierra were named in Neil's wilderness phase.
She is kind of chubby so we also call her Bear. or grizzle.

Bobber (bobs, bobbette) is American Bobtail. Highly original name but her dad was names Dusty Bob and her brother Tigger Bob.

Bakker-he kneads on my head-hence Bakker.

Others (rainbow bridge)
Sheba-my skinny little Silver tabby
Frankie and THe Dude-offspring of Sheba (Frankie) and The Dude was barn rescue that had siamese coloring.
Tommie-my garage stray.
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I have one cat named Jainy I named her after a song called Jainy by my favorite band.
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I named my cat "Butzie" because I remembered that as being a term of endearment when I was growing up in a German-American family. When the vet asked what it really meant, I had to go look it up. Turns out that there is a festival in Colgone, Germany, on 2/15 for women to choose a man. If you are a guy and you like a lady, you ask for a "butzie - a kiss" from her. If she likes you, you get a kiss. If not, guys look out! So, I guess I named my female cat after a kiss.
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I named my first cat Buster because it was a pet name that my mom called me. I know it's not very original but it made sense because he also busted out his cage when I first found him. I was bringing him home from his first vet visit and somehow he rammed his head on the metal crate (he also cut his ear) and ran out. He then crossed the street and was almost run over by a van. He then headed over to the high school and hid under another van. I don't know how I got him back but the name Buster definitely fit his rambunctious personality style. Honestly, I thought Buster was a female cat and named him Tabitha for three weeks until I finally visited the vet.

As for Holly Golightly, it's an homage to one of my favorite movies ever - "Breakfast at Tiffany's". As some as you know, there is an orange cat who plays a somewhat important role in the film. The cat's name was "Cat" but I didn't want to call her that even though she is also an orange tabby. I then decided to name her after Audrey Hepburn's character.
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My two are called Snowball and Poppet - My sister named Poppet "because she looked sweet and sensible" and I named Snowball because I was 8 at the time and had a small imagination
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Trout is Trout because troutfish are cute so I named her after them
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My current Kitty's are Luca, Kissa (rhymes with Lisa) and Kona...

My foster babies are all "m"s

Mila is the mama and her babies are

Mandy and
Little Muffin
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I kept the names they named them at the shelter where we got them:

Swanie (Male tuxedo)
Cynthia (Female calico)

They have lots of nicknames, though
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My boyfriend first got his cat a few years ago. He named her Kairi (kye-ree) after a character in Kingdom Hearts, since he loves that video game. Last year when we got an apartment together, we adopted another cat from the SPCA for a playmate for Kairi. Her name at the time was Madame Moment, and we knew that was changing. We named her Namine (just say the word nominate without the "te") after Kingdom Hearts as well. Apparently its Kairi's "other half" in the game, or something like that.
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My cat who lives at my moms and has turned into my sisters cat is Roxy(that's her in my siggy). She was the lil runt of the litter and needed a tough name because that is what she was. Living at the beach and always wearing quicksilver, billabong, roxy, etc clothing i thought it fit her best. Tough females in a male dominated sport.

Kricket who is a medium hair Tortie got her name from the box that she traveled to and from work with me in. I buy crickets by the 1000's b/c of my reptiles, it was the only clean box i could find at the time when she found me. My sister and I were trying to think of names she looked at the box and it stuck i just had to make it a "K", always got to be different.

Worm who is a DSH Tuxedo was originally Ace but after a week it didnt fit. When i had to go to my moms (1.5 hrs away) i'd take Worm with me and bring all his supplies. It just so happened i ended up putting his moistioned wet food in a super worm container (another reptile food) Well my little sister once again heard this and said Worm was his name and it had to we have Worm the squirm.

My RB kittie is Patches she was a calico and i was only 4 yrs old when i picked her out. I miss her so much she was the best cat you could give a 4 yr old. I use to dress her up and put her in my lady bug baby carriage and push her around everywhere and she would take it. Strange for a calico, never once put a claw in me she was the best. She lived to 19 yrs old.
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Myrtle, Smidgen, Alex and DeeDee all came with their names, so I can't take the credit!

I named Tika, because she is short and sweet. It also seems like an energetic, exciting name, which is what she is!
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^ All got their names due to an ongoing theme the family had with car parts as names.

Monte (after Chevy Monte Carlo, the fiance's car)
Katina (because Rob thought I said "Katina" when I really said "Gattina" which is Italian for female kitten. Katina stuck. I like it, its a pretty name )
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