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I love names....What are your cats names??

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Names are so unique and I love animals because you can name them the craziest thing you can think of and that's totally cool!

Mine are


If you want to can explain the names. Ours are mostly just names, Stuart was named after the mad tv character because our kitty was just so annoying because he cried all the time we thought of Stuart.
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Calamity Jane (her litter had the Hole in the wall gang theme)
Skye (all her kittens names meant moon,star or night)

Foster litters all have themes so here you go

Hole in the wall gang
Sundance is one of Calamity's kittens (brothers were Butch Cassidy and Black Jack Ketchum)

Celestial Litter
KoKo one of Skye's kittens (means night)

The lonely only kitten
Rio his name is Rio because his eyes run like a river.

The "food" litter LOL
Tennesse Ham (Tennie)
StrawBerry Jam (Berry)
Cookies N Cream (Cookie)
Fig (Figgie)

The State Kittens

Newest bottle babies

The Flower kittens
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Ike (she was named after the Ike on South Park..before we knew she was a little lady...she's adorable just like him )
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Tommy -- because he was a "tom cat", my family got him when my sister and I were around 4 and 5 years old, all black cat

Tiger -- my cat which we got when I was 7, because as a kitten he was attacking things all the time, and because he was an orange tabby with white

Princess -- my sister's cat, sister to Tiger, tortoiseshell and white, because as a kitten she acted like a little princess

Sundance -- my sister's cat, she named him after The Sundance Kid, I'm not sure why, gray tabby (usually called "Kitty Kitty" or just Kitty)

Ripper -- belonged to my sister and her husband, black and white tuxedo cat, so named because in her first few days/weeks she ripped around the house (ran quickly from one end to the other), and because she ripped up my brother-in-law's hand pretty bad with her claws

Rascal -- my current cat, also a black-and-white tuxedo, so named just because I thought it was a cute cat name
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Skye- She's an only child for now because we live in an apartment and as it is we canbarely fit all her stuff.
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Charlie Wonka (named after the Charlie and the chocolate factory) - he's a chocolate spotted Ocicat

Ling is LingLing - her and siblings were all named as "oriental" names cause when they were a month old they all were pointed kittens! They all changed to black and white, but the names stuck (her sisters were Ying and Yang; brothers Ping and Pong).

Past cats (mixed breeds)
Mitten Mouchette (french for tabby) (blue mctabby/white)
Muffin (odd-eye black/white)
Raggy (brown patched tabby)
Reds (red mctabby/white)

(pedigree rexes I either kept or where shown by a friend)
Dark Lady (mostly black tortie)
Desparado (Desi) (black smoke)
Tiki (Tequila Sunrise - calico)
Taz (Tazzamaraz) (black smoke)
Tinker Toy (black/white)
Tom E. Hawk (red tabby/white)
Lily (Tigerlily) (OEW)
and Spooky (Top Secret) (BEW). Spooky has been my VERY best show cat - won the most awards and loved showing.

(pedigree russian blues)
Kisa (pussycat in Russian),
her son, Cassanova (Cassie)
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I only have one cat. Her name is Kitty. Pretty out there, no?
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shame on you for not having an imagination!
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We have 3 kitties.
Kahlua got her name because she makes this cool little bubbly noise that sounds like a coffee pot peculating. And since coffee didnt sound very cute, we named her Kahlua.

Joey, he was found in our flower bed at around 4 - 5 weeks old and we thought he was a girl, so we named him Chloe. And then he "grew up" lol so we changed it to something close and he ended up being a Joey.

Chablis got his name from the crossdresser in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. My mom was at the mall in a restaurant and the bar tender said that they were waiting on animal control because there was a pregnant cat in their parking lot that looked like she was about to burst. So my mom goes out there with her left overs and lures the cat into her car and takes her home. She was named Windy and we knew who 3 of the kittens were going too! And then she finally started trusting us enough to let us brush her and we found a little more than we were expecting under the mats in her fur! So now she is a he and he is named Chablis And to this day my great aunt still asks when she is going to get her kitten!
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My sister named the first 2. She used to come up with some weird names:
Terazar. My mom's tortie that we had in the 70's and 80's
Shalimar. She became my baby when my sister lost her apartment. I found out later Shalimar is both an Eden in the Hindu religion, and a Romeo-type lover in the Indian culture.
Frantic and Pipsqueek. My 2 boys. Pipsqueek was always 2 somethings smaller than his brother. First he was 2 ounces. Then he became 2 lbs. Now he is 2 inches smaller in length and height, but he is 2 lbs larger than his brother.
Frantic did everything Frantically. He tries to dig to the center of the earth when he uses the litter box. He would run around the house for hours on end. Now he is so laid back and such a love-bug, I can't sit on the couch without him up against me.
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My childhood cat was a seal point siamese. My sister and I named her Ding Dong. Our excuse was that we were 2 and 3 years old when we got her. She lived to be 20.

After college I got a balinese kitty and named her Zoe. It just fit her sweet and sometimes crazy disposition.

This summer we adopted a new kitten. She was nameless for about 4 days as we tried out names for her looking for one we could both agree on and that fit her. We finally settled on Lexie, because she is a Blue Lynx pint siamese. She looked like a little "Lexie the Lynx" to me.
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i have three cats and they are as follows

kasper named after the friendly ghost but with a k not c

Church cause he looks like the mean cat out of pet semetary but hes a big softie awwww

and little Violet cause i love the colour purple and it suited her
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Mine are:

Twix - because I liked the name.
Tuxedo(called Tucker) - he's black as tuxedos at weddings
Peep - when he was a kitten he peeped instead of meowing.
Ditto - he looks like his mom, Twix.
Lady Chirrup - when she was born she skealed more then all of the others put together! Now I realized I should have named Ragmuffin Lady Chirrup instead but there's no way I could change them now.
Viking - the black on his face looks like an itty bitty viking helmet.
Ragamuffin and Sunflower were just names I liked.
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Originally Posted by EnzoLeya View Post
Names are so unique and I love animals because you can name them the craziest thing you can think of and that's totally cool!

Mine are


If you want to can explain the names. Ours are mostly just names, Stuart was named after the mad tv character because our kitty was just so annoying because he cried all the time we thought of Stuart.
Do you yell at him the way Stuart's mom did on the TV show, "STWAAART!" ?
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Gette (from the McCarney song "Jet" but is about a suffragette). Also she's jet black. her nickname is Mena.

Jiggy (just because it's a goofy name and he's a goofy boy that likes to get jiggy). His nicknames are Jerry, L'il Man, Jelly Bean, Jerry SEinfeld, Jerry Maguire, etc...

Sophia (the name she came with for adoption, which my husband loves because of Sophia Loren, however, I call her Didi or "C" most of the time...have no idea why)... Actually, I made her full name "Sophia Maria Conchita Alonso."
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Spooky Bear - he got his name for several reasons. "Spooky" was because he was a feral kitten when we found him and spooked at everything, also it was right around Halloween and he is a black cat. "Bear" was because he looked like a little black bear cub and because I collect everything to do with bears so it seemed perfect.

Tabitha - John wanted to name her Tabby because she's a red/white tabby, I told him that was fine but she had to have a full name too so he said Tabitha.

Spike - It took us forever to name him, so one day I sat down and made a list and then told John to pick from the list.

Captain Squishy Fuzzypants a.k.a Slingshot - John named him, not a clue where he came up with his name.

Garfield Hoppington IV - Again, John named him.

Lieutenant Lilly Bear - When she was born, I gave her litter flower names. I called her Lilly. Then we added the Bear on for the same reasons as Spooky Bear. Then we were at a flea market one day and saw a license plate that said "Lt. Bear". It was perfect.

Roxy - John named her.

Sofia - I love the name and it's the first one I thought of when I was trying to come up with names for her.

Woody Jr. - Named after my beloved Woody who passed away in 2005. The original Woody was named by a friend of mine, he named him "Tiger Woods" which gradually got shortened to Woody. We call Woody Jr. "Woodward" or "Woodford" most of the time though.

Taco - John named him before he was even born. He said we had to have a kitten named Chi Chi Rodriguez a.k.a. Taco Salad. The "Taco" part just stuck.
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Petunia got her name because, and I swear that this is true even if I can't find proof, she reminded me of the skunk in Bambi's sister, Petunia. I have never been able to find out if there actually was a skunk named Petunia in Bambi, but oh well! Pepper got his name from Chris (my ex)....don't know how he thought of it.
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Mine are:

Gordo - because he was always fat! He didn't want to share the bottle with his brothers. (his mother died when he was 2 days old)
Princess - becasue she was my little princess so I gave her that name.
Pitufo - Our first cat looked just like him so I named him after her. Her name was Pitufina.
Tinkerbell - Because I love Disney and I wanted to name her after a Disney character.
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FYI, over at babynames.com, they have a list of the most popular cat names based on pet medical insurance forms.

The top 5 female cat names listed are:
  1. Chloe
  2. Lucy
  3. Molly
  4. Bella
  5. Sophie

The top 5 male cat names listed are:
  1. Max
  2. Tigger
  3. Tiger
  4. Smokey
  5. Oliver

My cat Rascal comes in at #92 on the male list. My childhood cats' names Tiger and Princess are #3 and #6.
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(in the past)
Teddy Bear &
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My cats have Italian names:

Bella(MY Rainbow Bridge baby) was named Bella because she is beautiful

Sophia...My DH named her after Sophia Loren

Severino...he was named after a family friend.

Lucia Bella...named after one of my favorite books "Lucia Lucia" and my favorite Cat in the whole wide world Bella.

Joey is really named for Joe Gibbs, the Washington Redskins coach but because of the Italian theme he is JOEY!

Mario...I just like the name
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Twitch twitched every time I touched her.
TigerLily lil sis wanted Lily, so I added tiger cuz Lily is stupid.
Damita Mae...Damita is spanish for something, added the Mae so she rhymed with Dorian!
Dorian Grey...named after a guy in a book.
Ophelia Rose...Ophelia because she's a drama queen, Rose in case she got "nice"

Molly was prenamed.
Fafeena, I have no idea who named the poor cat or where it came from!
Slinky....she slinks about
Tabitha, lil sis named
Goat-Head...well, she rams her head into other things like a goat, it just fit!
Cow...looked like a cow in the pasture when he was born
Billy Bob & Tony Bob, both are very vocal & whine a lot, like the guys who farm around us....so we named them after the whiny farmers!

PJ & Punky were named that by someone at the shelter, all litters start with the same letter! This sis(adopted) was Paprika.
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Maverick I didn't choose his name (he already had it when I adopted him), but I kept it b/c I thought it was cool, and he IS a maverick!

Gabriel I named him that b/c he looked like a sweet little "angel" kitty when I first got him.

Geronimo I originally was gonna name him Amadeus, but chose Geronimo instead b/c he's a "warrior" (my/ bf calls his a demon .) and the people at the vet's office (where I got him from) called him Lucifer. He's not evil - he just has issues!

Winchester I named him that b/c he's a "pistol"!

Spencer He just looked like a Spencer to me! I originally chose Caruso, b/c he was "abandoned", but it just didn't fit him.

Those are the cats I have now. I won't even get started on all their nicknames, b/c it's already been discussed in another thread!

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Wow, what a creative group of people. My cats are jealous.

I drew a blank when my cats came along and ended up with a KittyGurl & Jaedi.

They both know their names. KittyGurl looks, but cannot be bothered to come unless there's something - food - in it for her. Jaedi, on the other hand, has a faster recall than my German Shepherd!
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All our cats name start with "S" as you can see by our signature

We have 6 females & 2 males...the boys are surrounded by girls...

Sliver - Snowball - Sage - Sushie - Spooky - Spici - Shilo - Sadee
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Sassy was named after a half man/half cat creature call SuraSassy from the Clive Barker book Cabal...my personal favorite.

Linus started life with the name Baxter, however, when I brought him home from the shelter he spent most of his first day home hiding under a blanket in his cat carrier. What else would I have named except Linus after the peanuts character who drags his security blanket around everywhere.

Flippy my R.I.P. Kitty got his name when he was little he was always trying to see behind him when he was laying down and would end up Flipping over completely.
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Ours are:

Oreo - cause she looks like an Oreo cookie and now that she has gained weight, we all her double stuffed Oreo.
Snickers - cause she has the colors of a Snickers bar.
Jazz - Cause he has "Jazz paws" and is a very Jazzy type personality.
Tosh - My DH got him as a kitten and he was told that HE was a SHE. Well he called him Natasha...Tasha for short. After almost three months of him being called Tasha, we figured out he was a boy. So to not confuse him we just dropped the "a" at the end of Tasha and thought "Tosh" had a masculine sound to it. The poor boy.
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ours are weird too,

Tubee- everyone pronounces his name wrong, it is pronouced like 2b. He was found on a tube mill, so we thought it was fitting.

Root- orininal name was Roo at the shelter, we liked root more

Samba- (pronounced s-ah-m-b-ah) His name was smokey joe at the shelter, and we thought that was too proper a name for a crazy cat like him.

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Jasmine- she was named before I adopted her

Velvet- the day we adopted her, the song "Black Velvet" was playing on the radio- it was PERFECT!!!!! The name suited her to a T

Isabella- because there was no better name for my little princess- i've always loved that name and thought it was perfect for her!

Kojak- I named him "Kolar" when he was a kitten- i had 5 foster boys and named them all after guns/gun accessories My nephew chose the name "kolar" - i eventually changed it because everyone made fun of his name and said it sounded like the bathroom fixtures Colin changed his name to Kojak- after the 80's lollypop detective It suites him!:
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I have 2 Kittys!

MILKY:...his loyal majesty!...why his name, because is totally white and we inpirate in the Milkyway galaxy...

CATULINA:...she┬┤s our recent adittion at the family even has a year with us! and her name, is inspirate from the character of Microsoft oficce helper that is her traduction for spanish software!
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