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1st meeting Wow!

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Hung a screen door over the bedroom door (as suggested). Decided to let Abby (6 yr old neutered resident male) meet Callie (5 month old spayed newbie female) this morning. Opened the door, but left screen closed. Callie was fine (got her from shelter, so knows other cats), rubbed on screen & just acted like she wanted out and wanted Abby. Abby, at first (who has never even seen another cat) sorta acted scared but courious (sp?). Abby's ears were forward, slowly walked to the screen door, layed on the floor (relaxed) and just watched Callie. Abby only got close enough to the screen 1 time and they touched noses, but no reaction from either of them. Abby's tail didn't twitch, no ears back, no hair standing on end, nothing, just looked. Then after about 30 minutes Abby walked off like "this is so boring, I'm taking a nap".

All of you can't know how much I appreciate all of your advice and so far the procedures that you have told me have worked like a charm. I have not really been worried about Callie, it's Abby I am worried about. He is 20 pounds (not over weight, just big and muscles) and Callie is so little still.

What do any of you think of these reactions from them?

How long would any of you recommend that I let them stay seperate through the sceen door?
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Only til yesterday :-)! Let Callie out but stay put yourself (watching what happens). You may just get lucky (as I did 2 yrs ago with what I thought would be a ferociously dominant male vs a new kitten - but it was love at first sight and it lasted).
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That sounds like a perfect meet, you couldn't ask for better! The most important thing through the intro process is that the cats are guided, instead of thrown into a situation that most likely they don't want! It sounds that Abby is appreciating the respect you are giving him by doing the intro slowly, and is receptive. Just keep an eye on the meets and you will have a happy family!
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Man, that's awesome!! Lucky you and luck kitties!
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about 9:00 tonight. still have the door open but screen door closed. Abby will walk by, and stop for just a second, look, and walk off. Poor Callie, she just looks too and the look on her face is like....."Do you want to play with me? Do you like me?" (I love it). But I am still so scared.
Your right I have not pushed them to meet, I have just left them alone (but I am watching).
me so happy so far!!!
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What are you waiting for?
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I agree, it sounds like they are ready for an open door policy, supervised of course. Don't push either of them, just open the screen door, be nearby and see what Abby and the newcomer do. I would just make it a short time the first time, and try not to act too interested, just be nearby, not staring.
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