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Daily Thread 01/10/07

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Morning All

A very nice morning here in Ontario. Sunny, not to cool, and a bit on the breezy side.

Up early this morning to get some laundry done before work. Not a whole lot on my agenda for today, a couple meetings and some purchase orders so things are looking pretty easy however, if there is one lesson I have learned well over the years is that looks can be deceiving.

The kitties are good this morning, having a snack right now. They insisted that they need just a bit more sustenance if they were going to make throw the day...

Hard to believe that it October 1st already, remember all you Canadian members our Thanksgiving is Sunday so if you haven't got your turkey yet better head to the grocery store.

Everyone have a great day.
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Good morning! I am so happy it is October!! It feels so good outside, it is breezy and cool and we were able to leave the air off last night and open up our windows! I love the fresh air! I have school today, a midterm , a presentation to work on, and maybe the gym. Then tonight I have to go grocery shopping and do laundry. It's going to be a long day... Oh well it'll be a good day too though because I'm so excited about October, my DH's birthday is the 13th, and our 6 month wedding anniversary is the 22nd. YAY!
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Oh my goodness I just can't believe that it's October all ready! I can't wait to find some Halloween decorations to put up! I just love Halloween!
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I can't believe it's October either!

Well it's errand day for me. I've already taken care of the big one, finding out why I've not gotten my unemployment checks yet. That should be taken care of. So next is grocery shopping and a dr appt for vaccine number 2. Then laundry! Oh yeah! Laundry! All in all, not a bad day.

I should be hearing about my job interview from last week soon too.
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Good luck I hope you hear positive stuff today!!!

The recruiter I've been working with for the past month is trying to find out if they will allow me to start my position while the background check continues.

Otherwise he's sending my resume on to NYC and I'm looking on my own for a job
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It's a decent day here then again anything under 100 in Az is a good day. The nights have been cooling down thankfully and hopefully that means a lower electric bill. I'm so excited for halloween. I'm going to my moms to see if she has any hand down decorations since it's our first one out of our parents house(my bf and I) so were kinda on a budget. I'm hoping to get some more job leads. It's been 3 months and nothing but rejection letters I hate having a record even tho I'm taking care of my business no one wants to even look at me.
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Its an overcast and cool day but with the rain last night cool and humid. How to dress for this type of weather????
Anyhow stopped at two greenhouses to pick up the rest of the fal plants for my clients containers-crammed them all in the car somehow!
Replanted but I smacked my knee hard on one container (concrete) about 5 minutes after I got there-its a bit swollen and stiff!! Got those 5 containers done (saved alot of the existing plant material) and worked next door doing some weeding.
Stopped to look at concrete pavers as we started our path to the front door.
Repotted all the plants I'm going to try to save and now on TCS for a bit.
Gotta put my knee up and ice for a while before I start dinner.
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Was home sick from work today have strep throat!! slept til about 1 o'clock and got lots of feel better Meowmy snuggles went to the doctor and got some horse pills, but had to go to class tonight as I had a test- don't think I did too hot on it
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