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My mom's work caught on fire!

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My mom just called me and her work caught on fire!
Here's a link to the story.

She works for a Prosthetic company and they usually have a 3rd shift but since it was Sunday night, no one was hurt.

The machines are on timers on Sunday nights to come on and warm up. Usually, on a weeknight, the supervisor for 3rd shift would have been there.

I used to work here also and know which machine caught fire. And so did DH. He used to work on that machine. Looks like my mom will be out of work for a few weeks.
She was able to go inside and see the damage. (She is the supervisor over another department)
Everything is black!
The ceiling, the walls, the floor.... EVERYTHING!
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OMG how scary...Thank God no one was hurt
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Eeek!!! That is very scary!! I am so glad noone was hurt!!!
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Thank you Helen and Monica!

As sad as it sounds, we've been waiting for this day to happen. They really don't take the precautions they should there

My parents may have to delay thier trip to Europe this year because of this also.
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Oh dear! I'm glad everyone is ok. I hope they can fix things quickly and that they learn from this. And I hope your parent's vacation plans aren't ruined!
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Wow! Glad to hear that no one was hurt.

Hopefully her being without work for a couple of weeks does not effect your parents trip to Europe.
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how scarry! i'm glad nobody was injured though!
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I'm so glad no one was hurt Alycia. Sending vibes to your mom that something works out!!
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I found a link to the video.

You'll see the owner, Aldo. He's a very sweet man and has been a good friend to my mom and I
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glad your mom and everyone was ok
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