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Cleaning a scanner

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I need desprately to clean my scanner but I'm not sure how to do it properly. I've got some nasty finger prints on it and I want to scan some pics so I can burn them to a CD so I want it to be in tip top shape.

Any advice?
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I just use window cleaner, but I spray it on a paper towel instead of the glass. It may be better to check your owners manual...some are made of plexi-glass and I think they have to be cleaned differently?
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Here's what you gotta do...


I clean the OUTSIDE of all of my computer equipment (cases and such) with alcohol... using the highest percentage of alcohol I can find.
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Fellowes (not sure if you get that there, but I am sure another company does them) have a kit that comes with a scanner / monitor cleaning solution and anti-static-lint free cloths, we use them at work
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