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Long Distance travel

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Im driving with my cat from pittsburgh to Massachusetts (11hrs) any tips?
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Hey, we picked up our kitty Ares from a breeder who lived 1000 miles away. As it turned out, he is an awesome and well-adjusted cat, which definetely helped, but here are a few things we did:
He wasn't freaked out by the carrier, since we sent it to the breeder months before, so that the carrier sat out was played in by Ares and his littermates. (If your cat is not used to or not crazy about his carrier, I would recommend spraying it with Feliway, and leaving it out in a play area. Place a few favorite toys/treats in there to entice him into the carrier and to create positive associations.) You might also want to try a few short car rides with him in the carrier to get him used to it.
We also placed a disposable litter box with litter into the trunk, along with a scoop. We stopped every 2 hours to give him food, water, and a litterbox break. (When doing this, make sure all of the car doors are closed and the windows are shut.) We ensured he had a toy or 2 in the carrier, and rotated them out with different toys for interest. Not knowing how he would react to the trip, we purchased Rescue Remedy (which is supposed to calm cats) which can be rubbed on the ear, but he was super relaxed, so it was unecessary.
You didn't mention whether you would stay overnight in a hotel. If you are planning to, I would recommend booking in advance, as finding a hotel that takes pets can be difficult.
If you do stay in a hotel, I would take his litter box, toys, etc up to the room, and spray some Feliway in prominent areas of the room. Then bring him up, and once you let him out of the carrier, be present to see how he reacts to the new surroundings. If you go out, I would put kitty back in the carrier, and also make sure you put the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door, so that the hotel staff will knock before entering the room. Hope this helps!
Good Luck

Becca, Ares, and little boy who hasn't been named yet
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I fogot to mention it, but we lined the carrier with a pee pad and soft blanket (and we had extras in the truck in case of any accidents)

Becca, Ares, (and little boy who has yet to be named)
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We show cats. The longest travelling time has been about 6-7 hrs.

1. Do NOT sedate your cat. If they are upset, cover the carrier with a towel and they will quiet down after a while.

2. Do not allow your cat to ride loose in the car - they can get under your feet, cause an accident and many other things. Some people put harness/leash on the cats and let them ride that way, but I never recommend them riding loose - always in a carrier for their safety and yours.

3. When you stop to eat or at rest stops, let the cat out of the carrier to stretch his legs a bit but be careful when getting back in so they don't jump out when the door is open.

4. The only time I'd feed/water is when you would be eating lunch or supper (more then 1/2 hour of stopping).

5. Bring plenty of plastic bags and paper towels for any accidents.
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Pittsburgh to MA is 11 hrs? Anyway, I've had some friends who have driven their cat from Boston to Elmira, NY, and they said that while he didn't like it, as long as someone stayed around him and petted him, he would stay calm. Or at least tolerate the trip.

My wife's family, when she was younger, would take the cats to a relative that lived about 4-5 hours away as they went to destinations beyond, and they just had a big cat carrier -- big enough for a cat, some toys, a towel or small blanket, and a litter tray.
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Maybe the OP is counting in rest stops and eating and staying over 1 nite?
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Thanks everyone for your suggestions. Dixie is always sleeping inside boxes around the apartment so im sure she'll be fine in the carrier. And yes I was taking into account rest along the way. Its around 9.5 10 hrs straight there and im not staying overnight anywhere. Thanks again
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