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The (finally) edited and musicked...

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kitten video!!!

Oops, it'll be back in a second.
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It took forever to upload. What a nightmare!
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Awwww i've got no sound at work so i'll have to wait until i get home
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oh my gosh! how cute was that!
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Like the sound track! cute vid!
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Thank you! It took a bit to decide what music to use, but then I saw it suggested to Frisk and I decided to use it.
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That music works well with playing kittens doesnt it?

They are so adorable
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Awww Look at those gorgeous darlings!
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Aww... look at those babies I left you a comment also.
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Awwwwww that was so sweet! I wish i'd had my camera to hand because i had Jack in the crease my arm and he watched the entire video
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Excellent video of those little cuties. What was the total size of the video?
I have a slideshow done to music which I wanted to post up but not sure about applying for copyright of the track. Do people not worry about that anymore?
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Ahhh!! I love it!!! soooo Adorable! I want one!
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They're so cute!! I sort of (not really )miss Pepper being a kitten.
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So adorable! I loved it
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Awwww, that was soo adorable!! What precious little babies!
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