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Meet Big Ben :)

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I was able to snap a few quick photos of Big Ben.

He is still quite frightened. He likes to hide under the covers of our bed, so I pet him for abit, took a few quick photos, before he slinked away.

I know he will come around, he's only been home for 3 days. He just started eating yesterday. That's a start... he is following the same pattern that I saw in my other kitties.

I can't wait to see his real personality. When my husband went to pick him up, he said he was a REAL SWEETHEART.

Anyway, for now... here is a frightened Big Ben

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All I see are red X's
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Awww look at that sweet face in the 3rd pic What a handsome guy ... I hope he settles in soon
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I am just mesmerized by his beautiful eyes!! I think he's going to have a very well developed "come hither" look when he settles in!
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What a cutie! What pretty eyes!

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Oh he is just sooo handsome! His nose looks like a little brown heart too!

My RB girl Glory's nose was brown too, our landlord where we lived when we got her called her Boogar (or is it bugar? a boogie). His colorings are similar to hers actually. Must be why I'm so drawn to him! Here's the best pic of her I have scanned.
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I love his little red nose! And his eyes all of your cats have such beauiful eyes.

He looks positively kittenish in that last picture
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Aww! I see him now!
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Awwww bless his little cotton socks, i hope he comes out of hiding soon because he's so sweet
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What a cute boy.
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Aww he is lovely, hope he settles in well soon.
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Awwww, he's a real cutie!
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Awww he's adorable, his nose looks like a red heart
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You have a very sweet cat who does have a most wonderful expressive face! I love his little nose and beautiful eyes!
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