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this morning for the first time ever i found a flea on Monster. he NEVER had them, even when i first got him, and he was born outside. i went out and got flea shampoo, but i want to make sure its ok before i use it. its called Sergeant's skip-flea and tick shampoo. has anyone used this? i got it at walmart and it seemed to be the best, and i decided against the flea medication that i saw. i want to get him frontline, but i dont want to pay alot of money on it if i dont have to. has anyone tried 1 800 pet meds? if so are their prices better than the vet? is frontline even necessary? he is indoor but sometimes he sneaks out the back door, so he might need it.

i also just remembered that i forgot a flea comb and i dont have any fine tooth combs in the house.. is that ok?
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If you saw a flea, I would use a flea comb and dawn dish soap over any flea shampoo out there. NEVER EVER buy flea medication OTC and NEVER EVER put a flea collar on an animal.

Use frontline, frontline plus, advantage, or for complete control over all parasites including earmites and worms, use Revolution. Yes they are going to cost more but it is worth it in the end. You might not have to continuously treat either. I manage to have 7 cats and many more coming and going and I rarely have a flea problem that dawn and a flea comb can't take care of.
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i dont have a flea comb i forgot to get one, but someone in my house has a regular finetooth comb that i can use. i kno better than to put a flea collar on him, and i didnt feel comfortable with the flea medicine at the store, so i wouldnt use it. it wasnt just A flea i saw, there were a few of them and i also noticed a brown bug thing, and when i tried to pick it off it ran off quickly, and i just gave him a bath the day after he got out on me (almost 2 weeks ago) bc he was covered in oil from hiding under a car. he hasnt snuck out since, and if the bugs came from that day (they had to of) then the bath didnt kill them. i think im going to try the flea shampoo, and see if it works. im just worried if some of it is left in his fur, it will hurt him... is it ok to wash him again with a little regualr shampoo and give him a really good rinse?
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Like Jen said, use Dawn dish soap to bathe him with I wouldn't trust ANYTHING made by Seargent's on a cat! I used it (flea shampoo) with the first cat I ever had and it almost killed her! Dawn will get rid of the fleas, regular shampoo won't, and Seargent's could be fatal to him!!
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ok well if it is fatal i will return it and get my money back... thanks for letting me know it could kill him!!!!
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Dish soap works pretty well because it's meant to coat food particles--so it coats fleas, too! Doesn't have to be Dawn--I've used Wal-mart brand dish soap just as well--but it does have to stay on for a while and then be completely rinsed out and then flea combed. That means being kinda mean to Kitty... but he will be glad when he is no longer itchy.

You really ought to get a proper flea comb--fleas can escape from fine tooth combs easily. Just get it with the money you get when you return the flea shampoo.

Cats and flea products don't mix... They are small and they lick themselves clean and both things don't do them any good when they are covered in insecticide!
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