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Bunneh what have you done??? You have been shamelessly flaunting your madness again! Who let you out by the way? how did you manage to sneak past all the guards???

Suki and Tatyana promised that you were safe!

Ehhhhh shameless hussy!
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LESLIE!! I can't believe you're here! It is so good to "see" you. We could definitely use your humor more often. And add my Yup to BuNN coming back.

How are your gang? Maybe you could post a few pics of the lovely Tatyana and everyone else?
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Weeeeee Bundy I'm here to torment enemies of the Kitty Army with useless spam and off the cuff remarks Bwahahaha.

'Guess who's back, back again
Bunneh's back, tell a friend
Guess who's back, guess who's back,
guess who's back, guess who's back,
guess who's back, guess who's back,
guess who's back...'

*runs around with a rubber chain saw.

Mah Bunn's gone crazeeeeeee!!!

*bounces to da Bunneh/Bundeh beat!!
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Welcome back, BuNN. Lots of new people here and some have fallen away. A few of us are still around, though.

MY forces have increased by one kitty, named Buddy.
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Spam Akbar!
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Spam me up Scottie!
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oh yo bunn
he's a silly one
i like his funnies
he's such a fine honey

down with humor control
makes things rather dull
go kitty brigade
it's time for a humor raid

hey, bunn... nice to see ya round here. to see what the kitteh army is up to these days i might have to come back.
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Hey Jan, how are you doing? Have you been following the Kitty Army around the World Wide Web? Listen, I hope you pop back in, even if Bunn decides to keep the Kitty Army hidden in it's secret location...
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Bundy do you have some pics of your Russian blues??
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Hi Guys!!!!!!!
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Wanna see Bundy's Russian Blues? Here's one from my site she sent me

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Leslie? BunN? JAN? Has the kitty army returned you to freedom? Or are you leading the ranks and this is an invasion? Either way, good to see you! There are many new members who haven't encountered the kitty army and watch out! ...They just might take it over....and the army will be marching upon YOU!

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We shall attempt to tiptoe away... maybe they won't notice us....

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For all of those about to enter this thread.... REMAIN ALERT!

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have been in search of the kitty army and some elusive photos of BuNN -- cannot mention the nature of the photos here...

seems the kitty army has invaded a few other sites. it must be growing in numbers. muwhaaa!!
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who's gorgeous persian kitty in the tank? is it part of this secret force?
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I only swivel from side to side but I'm still on the lookout!
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spam, spam.... not quite like ham.
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Repeat this 10 times as fast as you can, "rubber baby buggy bumpers"
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My name is Tam and I like to spam.

<hmmm I could make a rap song outta that>
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Hey! I thought you were going to the vet?
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Yeah at 11:00am that's just under 1 hour and 1/2

hi btw
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I think I'll go home and make some spam for dinner

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Hi Sam. What's up? I'm at work thinking about going home! It's kind of a slow Monday. No clones to make today! One can NEVER make clones on a Monday... or a Friday for that matter! All I did today is whip up some antibiotics and a few other brews! BAD GIRL!
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Hi, my name is Tammie... and I'm a spamaholic. It feels SOOO good to be out of denial. I want to thank my sponser for showing me the way! I just couldn't admit I had a spam problem until now. I'm so grateful for the 12 step program.

1) I admited I was powerless over spam and it made my life unmanageable.
2) Make amends for all the loved ones I've spammed.
3) Admit there is a power greater then spam.

I'll have to think of more steps later. Bye!
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Now I lay me down to spam. I pray the Lord for eggs & spam. If I should die before I spam again, I pray the Lord there is spam in heaven.
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Hello Tammie .. my buddy!
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Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, spam!!
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