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Ok I lied... I'm still here. But not for long! Hey... Spammy, Sammy & Tammy
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I'm going to name my next grandchild Spammy!
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You must go or the Spam Queen *hem hem*(clears throat)---->me<---- Will get ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mwahahahhahhahaha.

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I'll be back.... (Quote from The Spaminator 3)
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Right on Sis.!
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My name is Spam. Spam I am! I am Spam.
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My friends call me Spammy Tammy
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MOM.... where's the Spam airfreshner?
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Spam is good with icecream!
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Got Spam?
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Yes I do actually

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Why is everyone always spamming all over me?
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Sicy, PLEASE pass the spam!
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My Mum just told me she loved me
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Originally posted by WellingtonCats
My Mum just told me she loved me
As much as spam?? Ask her if she's sure.
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*passes spam

Then barfs cuz spam is nasty
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Nah My Mum & I have been fighting alot lately and it really meant something for her to say that

I've never tried the food spam, although it's available over here! Next to the canned cornbeaf
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Spammity spammity spam.

In days of old when Knights were bold....um wrong forum.

Lalalala, not been here for a while, is it still musty in here or did they hang some new air freshner up? No? Ah well.

Runs off to another Cat forum to torment Bundy and Ghys, bwahaha.
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BuNN! Get you behind back here! I miss you! Good to see you popping in every once and a while for a visit! How are Suki and the Kitty Army?
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Suki paid a visit to the vets today, had a dental check, slight gingervitis but not serious, usual antibiotics.
She fine otherwise and full of the joys of spring, thanx for asking There's some new pics on my website - www.thebunnery.com under Suki Gallery

I miss you lot too, but I doubt I'd be very welcome You know where I am

Now to get silly

Kitty Army is currently involved in operations behind enemy lines so I caanot devulge much information, but suffice to say they are all well. Charles my Commander in charge of night manuevours has reported that some of his charges have a slight tendancy to lick their bits at very inappropriate times.
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BuNN, I can't believe you're here! Happy to hear you and the kitty army are doing good, and Suki, too. Please stop by more often, just ignore those silly people who don't appreciate you and your sense of humor.
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I am glad Suki is well - and I keep trying to visit elsewher, but never do for some silly reason or the other!

Make sure that kitty army is guarding their flank - don't want to be open for an attack from behind!
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Bunn now you are being ridiculous.

We want to see the kitty army come a march back!
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BuNN and the kitty army???? Oh my..... what a dangerous combination! I say: RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love ya Bunn!
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I think that I am confused by this thread!
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Originally posted by Tarav
I think that I am confused by this thread!
To understand this you have to read this thread here .

Bunn is a member is is not here as often as most of us would like. he has a wicked sense of humour.

Here is another kitty army thread! Kitty army
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Bunn, I don't know you but you sound like fun. Come back!

Spam ya Later,

Spammy.... err, I mean Tammie
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