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Madame Spammer! Enable thy MSN, if thou hast the time!
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i shall enable my msn as soon as i am released from my prison and i flee to my castle on the hill...

(i'm headed home now.)
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Ignore me at thy own risk, madame spammer! I now posess a picture of thee, and with the aid of my forthcoming photoshop program, I shall put thy "Nakita art" to shame! MUAHAHAHAHA!
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Ah, thy message hath been recieved somewhat belatedly... thy photo is safe... for now!
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This thread should be added to the Spam Thread

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Who said "I'll be back"? Was that the spaminator?
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How many spams can a spam spam when a spam eats spam?
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To spam or not to spam....
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That was spam that eve ate in the garden?
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OOOOOOHHHHHH you meant EMAIL spam!
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LOL Tammie!

Go and check out the Spam Thread! for all who want to spam "thread" It's neat

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I have spam in my blood.
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.....spam in my bones.
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I heard president Bush gets a lot of spam. And he eats a lot of it too!
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My kitty smells spam and runs the other way.
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Spamming is a lot of fun!
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You are nearly at 300!!
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I know! Why do you think I'm spamming? LOL.
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Ha! How True!

I have only 104 more posts before I'm at 3,000!!

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Spam me up Scottie!
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Spam is the fruit of life.
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One more post to go ! One more post to go!
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Spam is what makes the world go 'round!
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Congrats we both made our goals
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Now, 99 more until I'm at 3000!
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So this is how people get so many posts in such a short time! SPAM RULES!
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Just keep spamming... you'll get there.
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Spam you later! I'm outta here!
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LOL I will bump up the offical spam thread for you to spam in
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OK Spammy(oooOoops I mean SAMMY) go bye!bye ..LOL
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