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"What do you want?"
"What does anyone want?"
"Dead things. Extra teeth."
--_Neverwhere_, Neil Gaiman
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to go....
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I'm almost....
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Ghys - I have never heard of your name before and it has intrigued me - what nationality is your name? What does it mean?
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Ah....heck, I think I'll take a break for now and hang on to this exciting moment for a little while

One more post to go!!!!!!
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Okayyyy....Breaks over!!!!! I have a question that needs answering.

For my 1000 post (drum roll........)

Kellye, I am french Canadian. My name is very difficult for anyone who does not speak french so....everyone simply calls me "G." which I much prefer over all the other names I end up with. I'll try to pronounce it: (Geeessslen) soft G. Something like that. I don't particularily like my name....never have but, it's my name so I have no choice.
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I think your name is pretty G!

Woohoo you made it to 1000!!!!


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I love your name, too, Ghyslaine. Not that I wouldn't maybe mispronounce it if we ever met face to face. I just think it's lovely.

And by the way, Congrats on 1000!
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Congrats G, I've always thought your name is cool, but I was never sure how to pronounce it.

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Thanks everyone!
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Gotta get more posts.....
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hi i am trying to figure out how to use icons.
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Good job so far!!!!!
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I don't think you got the one though!!!
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im getting there icons
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i disabled my smilies for that post,oops! just wait till i try photos and links!
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more icons
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i am begining to feel like
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this is a link
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