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Aweeeeee...poor Mr. Bond but how wonderful he is OK and he is yours!!!

I sure do hope Arty and Brownie both turn up or at least some sort of sign of them turns up! I keep praying so hard everyday for both of them

The worst part is that it really is like losing a child and the hurt is absolutely horrible. I know I cry a cry that I've never cried before and I swear my heart aches for real as does everyones' that has a lost kitty. It's so good that we allow ourselves to love the little creatures so much and it's that which makes times like these so terrible.

As always, many many prayers for Arty and Brownie.
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Any sitings?

I have gotten nothing on my missing Brownie
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I just saw this today and I am so sorry about the missing kitties.
Keeping the kitties and their families in my thoughts.

Several months ago we had an extra kitty in our house that we adopted from a shelter. Well needless to say she got out of the house one day and went missing for 3 days. I walked that entire town with a flash light and a towel hoping to find her. Then one day when I was feeding the boys I realized that the sound of me pouring the food in their bowl made them come running. I feed our cats dry cat food. So I got the idea of putting dry cat food in a container with a lid while walking around shaking the container.

Sadly we did have to return her to the shelter as she really hated my daughter and me. I have a couple big scares on my hands from that little darling but when she tried to rip my daughters lip off it was time for her to return. We all cried on the drive to the shelter. We donated food and money to the shelter I even took my sons to go see her while she was there. She liked my sons and husband, we do know she got adopted.
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