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my rescued bunnies!!!!

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all I can say is GIVE ME ONE
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They could not be any cuter!! Have you named them all yet??
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Aaaaw! How cute!!
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I only have one named. the little brown one (I don't think she shows up much in the pics she usually smushes herself in the middle of the others!)Her name is Craisin cuz she barely ate until i gave her those!!!there is 1 boy and 2 more girls, I'm open to suggestions . Also i have more of the black & white one (I'm just waiting for the bf to get off the other computer cuz I have to put the pics on that one at the moment). I think she is the cutest (she has big ears and one lops down and the other straight up, airplane ears, I can move them how I want them too, up or down!) but I'm not sure if my neighbor is gonna take that one yet. I got the big brown boy though and she has the black one, we are trying to figure it out from there though. So being that I know the boy is mine...names .... I thought about woody or woodland as he looks like a wild rabbit with his colors.
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They are so cute!

I must of missed the story on the *rescue*?
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These were the ones you rescued from a death of Snake Entrees, right? They are so doggone cute!
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Ohhh they're darling!!!!!!!
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Cute & very lucky bunnies.
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They are adorable!
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Awww! They are sooo cute! One of my good friend's growing up had a bunny. Thumper was his name I think. We used to walk him on a harness in the yard all the time.
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Hi everyone! yeh those were the babies that were suppose to be snake food and had I gotten there a few hours earlier there would have been 1 more . I have a home for 1 (my neighbor)It's terrible, I really shouldn't keep any (I planned bonding 1 to my current bun but 3 are really attached to eachother and get so happy when they see me. Some foster mom I'd make....
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very adorable!
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