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Friday DT

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I didn't see a DT yet, so I thought I'd just jump in.

Today is going pretty well. My stomach is behaving. After yesterday, though, I decided I REALLY should get internet service at home -- I was posting from a brief visit to work to help out one of our volunteers and HAD to sign on even though I wasn't supposed to spend more than 15 minutes or so at work. Pretty bad. I spent an extra half hour so I could catch up on TCS a little. I know it's been said before, but is there a support group for TCS addicts?

So, does anyone have exciting plans for the weekend?
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Originally posted by Auburn412
So, does anyone have exciting plans for the weekend?
Cleaning my house is part of my weekend plans!
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I'll be trying to stay warm!!

With windchill it is -30C!!!!!

If I stop posting on this site, please call 911. They will have to come here to defrost me!

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Originally posted by Russian Blue
I'll be trying to stay warm!!
Body Heat!
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I will keep my eye out for you Kass!

Not much happening here this weekend, Hubby is off today as school is closed due to the snow which means less time in TCS!

I am a lot better from the stress the last two days - Jake decided to stand up for himself! Shock Horror! But I am proud of him that he did that though.

Jake is vacuuming right now, yayy, about time!

The snow is melting, nothing much is happening, I am trying to convince Jake to take me out somewhere so I can get out of the house.

Have a wonderful wonderful day everyone!

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Bill and I have dance class, tonight. Hopefully we haven't forgotten everything, from last week.

No real plans, for the weekend. A new indoor flea market has opened and we may check that out. They have over 350 dealers, already.

Bill is really tired, this week. He's been overloaded with work and has no real help. My idiot brother has been a no-call, no-show, all week.

Other than washing his work clothes and grocery shopping, I'm going to try to make Bill take it easy, this weekend.

Have a good weekend!
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Oh I love flea markets - can I come?

I managed to convince Jake to take me to the mall - its about 20 miles away. I dont go there very often and so I cant wait!
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I love flea markets, too! Maybe we need to have a flea market road trip?? Anyone?
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Ohh flea markets watch out for the crazy cat ladies!
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It's been one of those weeks where I never should have gotten out of bed. I took Ivo to the vet's this morning-she's been on a diet, but it looked to me like she was losing a lot of weight. She also needed to be retested for FeLK and FIV. Well, good news-she did lose 5% of her body weight, but has another pound to go. And the tests were negative, so that's one weight off of my shoulders.

It's coming up on the anniversary of my Mom's death (12 years Feb. 21), and my yearly antisocial/depressed period is starting. My friends at my old job were used to it, but I had to explain to my friends here what was going on. Luckily, they all are being very understanding (and promised to not stop asking me out if I don't do anything for the next month).

Well, thank God it's Friday. I'm looking forward to a much more relaxing weekend. I hope everyone is having a good day!

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Do you have to be Frontlined or Advantaged after a visit to the flea market?

I've had a weird week at work. I have been doing budgets and forecasts all week - our funding body has just given us half a million quid, but it has to be spent by the end of March. Great! All the educational organisations want the money, but don't want to do the work to get it. If I see another spreadsheet before Monday I will cry. I've also been made the system administrator for a web-based system that all the partners will need to use, but no-one can be bothered to read the destructions I've been sending them I might kill by the end of the week.

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We must bring Mr Cat and BuNN just so we won't miss the weird or unusual stuff! I think that would be a blast!
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Nothing much going on here today. I've been looking for job postings and updating my resume. Fortunately for me, I've found a good amount of positions that I qualify for and that are close to my house. I won't drive more than 1/2 hour to work because I'm so lazy. :laughing: I think its about time to move on to another job that pays me more money. I'm not compensated for all the work that I do here and people don't even seem to care!

Sunday I'm going over to my brother and S-I-L's house for family game night! Yippe! That should be a lot of fun. There is going to be about 14 of us. My sister works for an italian restaurant/fast food place called Buona Beef, so she is going to bring some catering!!

Have a good day everyone! :daisy:
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I just got back from the mall. Jake and I are terrible shoppers when we are together - he takes forever in sports stores, I take forever in bookstores. So we end up with frazzled nerves but there was something to help us laugh it off - mini golf right in the mall. So it took the frustration out.

I got Signs out (yippeeeee) and Ice Age - has anyone seen that? My sister keeps telling me how good it is over and over and so I thought, what the hey, I might as well as see it.

I am soo tired. Long day. Shopping and Hubby dont mix!
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