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outdoor cat, change of home and owner - help!!

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Im hoping someone can possibly help me

My girlfriend has had to givup her cat for various reasons... so i took him on.

This is him.... Name tilly, Age : 1 yr . lives out doors but comes in 4 times a day for a meal.

what im worried about is how to help him adapt to his new environment....
My mother used to breed/ adopt cats during my child hood so im a bit clued up on the caring aspect.. but i dont know how to treat him.

hes used to everything outside but im worried about letting him out on his first day.
so far so good, been here about 4 hours in my bedroom as its a very big house with 7 people in it including a 12yr old female torti cat, and hes only been sitting at the window meowing, hasnt eaten, hasnt drunk, hasnt used the litter.

Should i keep him in my room untill he settles then let him explore the house then out doors,?
How would i intoduce the 2 cats?
How should i get him to use a litter tray in the mean time?
Should i get him a lead and let him out several times a day?
my bedroom window is on the 1st floor, should i get him a ramp leading into the garden>?

Many thanks people
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I'd keep him confined indoors for at least two weeks before you let him out(if you must). Ideally, indoors is safest. But, he needs to adjust, so he knows where home is & where to come home to.
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I agree, two weeks indoors is a good rule of thumb.

after that let kitty out in backyard or enclosed area supervised and move along slowly.

The main thing is the make sure they know where home is.
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i also wouldn't worry too much about the not eating.drinking. When I adopted my cats they didn't really eat or use the litter box for a couple days during the adjustment......
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just an update.

tilly seems to have settled in ok. but so far hes been confined to my room.
im still worried about the othe feline housemate, the 9 year old female torti.
Initially they hissed at each other, but that was a week ago and they havent seen each other since.

Im planning on letting him roam the house during the night so he can explore and stech his legs a bit, but again im worried about maggi(the torti) as shes always been by herself in a house.

They are both very diffrent, tilly is on wet food, maggie on dry. tilly is an outdoor cat, magie is indoors, tilly uses the litter tray, maggie uses the bath(i have no idea why )

There is another loveing home waiting for tilly if need be.

should i see how they get on or should i not put maggie through any potential stress??

also tilly sits at the window alot meowing to the out doors... i feel bad and guilty keeping him in all the time when he only used to go to his old home to eat, and slept, toileted, and everything else outside.

Should i still stick to the 3 week rule? is it just me or is it a bit cruel to get him a lead and let him out in the garden for a bit?

You input is very much appreciated by me and tilly...

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Tilly may want out, but it is her best interest to keep her in. She will eventually forget & relax into the nice safe home you provide.

Now, intros of two cats can be difficult. I would search the forums, or else hopefully someone will come along with a link to the intro thread.
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even with outdoors cats (mine have aways been indoor/outdoor) you should keep them inside for a couple weeks. It's not cruel, it's in their best interest.
IMO kitty will be perfectly fine going outdoors and making it back home okay before she'll (?) be comfortable going outside on a lead. kitties need time to get used to the harness before you take them outside on it...

hang in there! and be patient...
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with my cat she used to be a stray and was always outside, i let her in the house gradually and eventually she just got used to it, at first she pooped all over my bedsheets and peed everywhere, she also had to be treated for fleas and worms, i suggest you do the same for you cat as it will spread to your other indoor cats and eventually to you, just a warning :S
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