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I have no jeans to wear...

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Ok well I have 2 pairs of pants and 2 pairs of shorts I can wear but thats it now.

See I finally lost those 30 lbs when I started this diet in June. But there was one fatal flaw now I can not fit my pants. Well minus the ones listed above. Everything else just hangs off of me and I feel uncomfortable wearing them. This was something I did not think of in advance. I guess I never that I would really lose the weight.

I am gonna have to hit some thift shops and get some jeans. I can not afford right now to get them brand new. I knwo that I am in a size 8 now because I tried on some pants last week just so I could find out what size I wear now.

Oh the joys of lossing weight.
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Yup! Been there. I dropped 30 lbs several years ago and had bought a bunch of suits (for interviews) before I started the diet.

I recently tried them on to see if I could get them tailored, but it would cost me the same to buy new.

Congrats on losing the weight though!!!
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Hmph. Well, I despise your skinny little backside! No, seriously, that's wonderful -- with all the troubles you've been going through, it's great that you have this to be happy about!

So when do we see pictures of your little rail of a self?
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Hey look at the brightside... you lost the weight!!! And you have an excuse to go shopping!!! Double YAY!
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I will try and get some up. I went from 160 to 130.

Yeah even if I can't wear most of my pants I am glad so glad to have lost the weight.
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You could always check the thrift shops to get something to tide you over until you can get some new stuff. It's great that you lost the weight - no easy task. Of course, as I get older I'm shrinking, so you always have that to look forward to.
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Well done. I bet you feal great.
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That's one of those good problems! Back in high school my friend's sister worked at a thrift shop and we'd get clothes with the tags still on them from her. Hopefully you can find some good ones to hold you over!
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I am pretty sure I can get some nice ones. I am probably gonna stop by this one shop monday. She gets some nice clothes in there. Last time I was there she had some nice Bongo jeans, Tommy jeans and several others. And they looked close to new.
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I'm low on pants because I've gained weight and I'm too stinking fat now to wear them. Congrats on losing weight. I think my weight gain is from the medicine I'm taking to try and quit smoking. I've been on it since May and have gained about 25 pounds. I haven't even quit smoking so I think I might stop using that medicine.
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I feel your pain

I too have lost a considerable amount of weight in the last year. I hit up the thrift stores alot.
I can get 2-3 pairs of name brand jeans for under $15-$20.

I once got 2 pairs of Tommy Hilfiger jeans for $2.. one pair still had the tags on it
And another pair of CK for $3.00... I LOVE thrift stores
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I wish that was my problem, see mine is the opposite problem. I can't fit into any jeans because I GAINED weight. That sucked! I'm working on getting it off and I'm slowly being abble to pull my jeans up a little higher on my thighs and butt every week. I gained 40lbs in two years.....ouch! I suppose we'll see if I can get at least 30 back off

Great job though! That's awesome!
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