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F1 Bengal kitten coming home soon!!! Advice?

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Hello everyone, I am a bengal momma (2 sbt's) who is adopting a F1 male bengal kitten from a breeder. He is 6 weeks old now - and won't be coming home for atleast another month. He is being shipped. I have Pic's just don't know how to post them to the group. I have been doing alot of research but info on living with an F1 is scarce. There is alot fo info about SBT's that I have found (and know first hand) and a bit of info on keeping ALC's in captivity - but little info about caring for F1's. I researched the breeder and she seems very reputable. Her ALC is very social and alot of big breeders look to her for early generation bengal kittens because of the health, temperment, and beauty of her animals.

Anyone have F1's as companion animals who can give me some first hand experience? I would appreciate it. Thanks.

Can anyone tell me how to post pics?/
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I can't really help you with the part about living with an F1 bengal, because I'm still learning about bengals in general myself, but there are some wonderful people on here that will be able to address your questions soon.
As far as posting pictures, if you register with you can upload your pictures, resize them, and then copy the email code and paste it on here, it will allow people to see the pictures you post. Hope that helps you out some.
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Congratulations on your new addition to be

You might want to read this thread about an F1 from a few months ago.
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Your breeder would be the best source of advice. Ask lots and lots of questions.
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I second the breeder ... they hopefully have or have had a f1 and can tell you lots....

Remeber f1 in many areas is considered a wild animal ( they can be loving pets ) so check your local laws
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The biggest issue I've heard of is using their water bowl as their litter box. The instinct to "go" in water is still pretty deep in an F1.
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Ok, So here are updates and photo's of the kiddo.

I hope I do this right .

Above is the Daddy Sancho Dos - an ALC.

Sancho agian.

A very well socalized Sancho!!!!

SBT marbled bengal momma.

and the little squirt!!!!!!!!!

5 weeks old

What a great face!!!

Wild ear spotting.

Here are the most recent photo's of the almost 7 week old bugger!!!

A very social F1 kitten.

His coat just keeps getting better and better ./

Thats all I have to offer for now. When the breeder emails me more pictures and when I get him home (10-12 weeks) I will update .
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He is beautiful
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What a gorgeous baby! I love how amazing his spots are.
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He is very handsome. But have to confess that I saw the first picture thinking it was the cat you were getting and said to myself..."that cat is too wild looking - gonna be trouble"
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WOW! Congrats! I cant wait to see more photos!
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I thought the same as GK for a moment....saw the first pic & was like "whoa....that kitty is very 'wild' looking!"

"Kiddo" is adorable!
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Lots of kisses for kiddo!
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Stunning creatures, the father is just gorgeous!
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What a handsome little fella! Looking forward to seeing more of him
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Thanks everyone. I will keep updating as I recieve new pictures. He should be home in a few weeks. He is already 7 or 8 weeks old!!!!!
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