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Swolen Paw

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Hey everyone, new to the site

My cat has had a red raw swollen paw for months, i tried salt water for a time, then went to the vet and he got 2 injections, anitbiotic and inflamation. Hes constantly licking it and limping every now and again.
Redness went down for a time but no luck, I had to go back as it stayed and they gave him another injection and want him in to sedate him.

Reason im on is because so far this has cost me £60 so far and a futher £150 for the check. I havent got this kind of money lying around.Is this normall?I cant help feeling that amount is needless. Can anyone give me advice on how ti fight the infection without this?

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Welcome to TCS! I'm not too sure what is going on here, but it sounds to me like maybe another vet's opinion might be in order?? Hopefully someone will come along who knows better than me. Maybe he is having allergies?? What kind of food is he eating??
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If its just its foot that is swollen he might have gotten bit by something. My cat the first year we had her got bit by a rattle snake. We rushed her to the vet and the vet sent us home and said she be fine and she was the swelling went down. My best friends cat got stung by a scorpion and he swell as well and it went away. Though if it were any of these you vet should have seen it and if it is a bite it may need to be drain which should be done by your vet. I would get a second opinion.
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