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Waaaa Help Me!!!!

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Waaaa Help Me!!!!
Please help!!! I need another male kitty that is willing to take on another gorgeous female to send a Valentines too! Are there and takers???

Also is there any of you that have the necessary skills for making up cards, pic etc that can lend a bit of a hand to those members that are finding this a bit daunting?

I know that Purringpanter and Bunn are good at these kind of things if they are able to help! (I know I am cheeky for asking) Is there anyone else???

I am also happy to help with what ever I can but don't want to disappoint people as my skills are not that good! Kimward is also good at graphics but she didn't enter the thread so I can't ask her to help! (darn it!) Kimmy where are you?????????? Also I know there are a few others that work with Paintshop Pro etc! Please hear my strangled call for help!!!!!!!!!!
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Listen up People!!!

This is not expected to be some over the top, extravaganza of feline love! This is a simple feline wish to your chosen feline love!

Go on the internet, look at a few Valentine cards and come up with a few lines. Attach some pics if you want or other sentiments of love!

No pressure, just fun! Go to it all you "Martha Stewarts" in training!

Challenge your artsy self!

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Maybe if people are feeling 'pressured' by this exchange, it should be optional to post on The Cat Site?

I'm sure you can just PM the person your matched with and send them an email instead?

Just a thought....
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Bundy -

Ed says he has enough love for as many females as you will throw his way!
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Kass Mate that would negate the whole idea of the thing in the first place!!!!! But if that is what peoples want then that is what peoples can get!!! I know it's because you are a little worried about your art mate but Nakita can do it for you!

Auburn412 and Ed are my little angels
Thank you sooooooooo much!!! I will PM you with the details!!!
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Jorin and Tiger can take a few more as well, if you still need them.
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Thanks Marcy I will keep them as back ups in case anything else happens! They are sweeties for offering as well!
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Oooooo - I'm more than happy to give a go at making cards! (But I also signed up to donate to TCWI with Hissy creating poems! Sneaky, hunh?)

But I didn't KNOW the point was to make our own cards! I just thought it was a general kind of exchange valentines cards kind of a thing. Shouldn't we - maybe not in this thread, but the in valentines thread, post links to sites that have free cards, so that in line with Kass's suggestion, people can just exchange cards - not necessarily ones they made themselves? Or had BuNN or Kim Ward or someone make for them?

BTW - if someone else is making the card for you anyway, then what's the dif if it's an on-line card? Oh - I guess it would be using our own cats' pics?

And.... I guess... I wonder how many people (like me) signed up not knowing the intent was to make our own cards?

Just a thought.... or is it a question? Maybe it's a suggestion. Or all three?

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And.... I guess... I wonder how many people (like me) signed up not knowing the intent was to make our own cards?

Waaaaaaaa Laurie don't confuse everybody more!!!!!!! It was supposed to be what ever anyone wanted to do! Cyber cards was mentioned in the beginning as well as a few other suggestions as well as I posted plenty of links for free cards as well as graphics!!!!!! Everyone needs to read the original post again and look at the Valentine ideas thread I posted! Hissy kindly offered her poems as something else people might like to do! This was in no way intended to be a graphic design competition! so what ever people want to do goes! Some want to make their own cards and that's fine too!!!!
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Don't make this out to be a stressful moment. Here are my thoughts- E-Cards and greeting cards- send them via email to the feline line.

Make a card yourself, so what if you aren't Rembrandt? Use magazines or photographs, cut them out and make a collage, add hearts and words, scan them and email them out. If you have children, get them involved in making this card for you- kids have wonderful imaginations.

If you do post these on the board, just keep them all in one thread instead of putting them all over. Post em, email em, but don't sweat this, that takes all the fun out of it.

If you want to use my talents, I will be happy to help you as long as you help the cats in Israel in return.

Happy Valentine Making..........or sending........or whatever!
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I'm a log-time technophobe and don't know how to do a lot of this creative stuff. Thought I'd compose a message and attach a picture. That's about the extent of my computer skills.
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