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Science Diet i/d alternative?

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I recently adopted a 6 month old kitten from a local shelter. He's been known to get frequent cases of diarrhea, so they had him strictly on Hill's Prescription Diet i/d canned & dry. After weeks of researching feline nutrition and getting specialist advice, I can't consciously give this crap to my li'l boy. It's pitiful that such a highly vet recommended food has such bunk for ingredients. I looked into Innova EVO Cat & Kitten food, as well as Merrick, and both the shelter's caretaker, as well as a vet tech, thought it'd be a great idea to gradually switch him over to such a premium food.

So I did.

Gradually, I started mixing in the Innova EVO and all was going well. After two weeks, I had completely switched his food. For three days, he was fine... but now the diarrhea is back. He's been tested for numerous illnesses and had fecal tests for parasites. That leaves diet.

While on an i/d and Innova mixture, he's fine.. but is there an alternative to the i/d that is a bit more nutritious and doesn't need to be bought from a vet?

I am a first time cat owner and I just want to do right by my li'l sweetie. I don't want to feed him crap, but the whole raw/home-made diet thing seems daunting with all the supplements and such needed. I just want him happy, healthy, and loved.
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DID you communicate with your vet??? EVO is NOT normally thought of as a sensitive tummy food /.//
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Yes, I DID communicate with my vet. She told me that Niko's diarrhea issues were probably due to being but on and off meds for a respiratory issue he had while still in the shelter. She said that he would do well with an ultra premium canned and dry food mixture, which I have been feeding him. When I rattled off the list of names of foods I had been researching, she immediately said EVO was excellent and I should give it a try.

As I said in my original post, both the shelter caretaker AND the vet said this was what I should be feeding my cat. Being a first time cat owner, which I also stated, I would NOT go off on my own and not consult the right people.
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He may not have fully recovered yet from the upset caused by the meds. Evo is a very good food, but it isn't particularly easy to digest. I would try a sensitive stomach formula for a while (there are several good brands listed in the second link Sharky posted) and add a probiotic supplement to restore good bacteria to his gut. It takes time to heal. Once he has had no problems for at least a couple of months, you may be able to reintroduce the Evo.
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You can try mixing some canned pumpkin (not sweetened) in with his canned food.

That helps with runny poo.
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Re: momto3cats

I was thinking that, too, but he only had loose stools the first day I got him.. he was still sniffly, but his poop was well formed and firm the second day. It had been a few weeks since he was on meds, I was told, before I even brought him home. The sniffles finally left early last week, but the loose stuff started just yesterday.

As for Sharky's links, I read both threads and I think I may try California Natural. I've emailed my vet and we'll see if she thinks that would be wise.

EDIT: He had one loose stool after he stole a small edge piece of ham while I was making a sandwich. The li'l imp is soooo quick and goes absolutely nuts when meat is being prepared. You'd think I was starving the poor thing at the way he eats. No lack of appetite with this one, that's for sure!
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I am glad you are asking... alot of folks just go off what the vet or the pet store say without research.... You have a rare vet who is KNOWLEDGEABLE with cat foods
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Well, I heard back from the vet and she thinks I should keep him on EVO for the time being, that switching him back to the old diet, or giving a new food, might upset his stomach further. She also suggested I give him a little bit (half a mg in a syringe) of liquid Imodium and see if it helps. I'm not quite sure if I'm comfy with that for two reasons. One, I've read that Imodium can have bad reactions in cats, and two, I don't want to stress him out anymore than I already have. I had to put goop in his eyes the first week he was home and I feel bad having to now shove a syringe in his mouth.

Think I could mix it with his food, instead?

From the suggestion of Kittys Mom, as well as numerous other posts and forums, I might try the canned pumpkin first, before I go upsetting him again with medical implements and meds. Luckily, she said she'd look into California Natural and see if we should try it.

If neither the pumpkin or the Imodium works, I'll be getting a full workup on him to retest for anything. I just hope something works, or something is found to be wrong so we can fix it. My poor li'l boy has been through enough in his six months.
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Imodium has changed formulas I would check with aspca or posion control prior to use,... many vets are still okaying pepto though it s now asprin based..

Pumpkin , squash and slippery elm can all be used

Yes you can mix with wet food but most cats are too smart and wont eat it ... I find squash is easiest to mix and slippery elm powder is really easy
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Thanks for the advice, Sharky. I might as well pick up some Slippery Elm, too. Was looking into that, as well, before I had posted here. How much should I give him? He's a little over 4 lbs. And while we're at it, how much pumpkin/squash should I mix into his food?

Also, what's this probiotic stuff I've been reading about? Sorry to inundate with questions.
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lol.. i dont mind answering questions

Probitoics are good gut bacteria ... I use human and follow the "baby" or infant dose...

Common animal brands

probios ( name can be slightly different)

Bene bac ( this works fast and dosing is easy )...

Slipper elm I use a literal pinch as the human directions are 1 tsp in hot water one or several times a day... WELCOME to Natural medicine( call a natural vet ) but mine gives doses in pinches or 1/10 to 1/3 human dose ( go figure)
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Wow... that pumpkin really does work! I can't believe it was that simple, and so quickly, too. One last question, tho': does this mean he's not sick, but just needed some fiber or is there a chance he IS sick and I'm just curing a symptom, not the cause?

I'm a worry-wart, heh.
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if the cause was not enough water in the stool do to a lack of souble fiber you fixed it
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