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worried about Ittybitty

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Ittybitty is about 9 months old now.
She was a sick little bottle kitten last spring who I adopted. She grew into a little fluffy ball of snuggleness and purrs.

Wed I felt a little penci-ersaer size lump in her armpit. just under the skin.
I checked it last night and found another one near it, slightly smaller. I felt around more and discoverd a chain of lumps, each one getting smaller. they are just under the skin, and I can move them a little. They weren't painful to her, she complained about me holding her still tho.

She sees the vet monday am, we'll do an aspirate to try and see what these thigns are.

I am worried for my little girl!
I don't know much about growths, but a little chain of lumps does not sound good.

She is otherwise doing great and being her snuggly self.

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I had to post something on another thread here and I am bumping this back to the top. I hope IttyBitty will be ok.
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hmmm. I really don't know much about this. But I do know you seem to have the worst luck with your animals!! Poor you and poor babies.

Isha had a lump once, took her to the vet gave her medicain, turned out to be an abcess, probably from her and Asim playing to hard.

How does the lumb feel, is it hard, or soft, does it feel like it has a little.. dent or a whole in the middle of it anywhere? Until you get kitty to the vet feel the lumps every day to see if they change in size, or if more appear.

That's all I can say, good luck!
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AWw Bendy, Ittybitty is in my thoughts and prayers for the vet visit and that it turns out to be nothing serious!

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in fact, i do it compulsively.
IttyBitty was supposed to be one of the healthy cats here!!!

I do purposely take in special needs guys, but I have "normal" cats too. It is just so frustrating when one of the 'normal' ones gets a mystery illness.

and i do NOT like lumps!

She did have an abcess on that side last summer, poor little girl ticked off the siamese...

these are soft, but not squishy. they are entirely under the skin, no discoloration of the skin, no dent or sign of injury or swelling around the lumps. the first couple are very well defined, the smaller ones it is harder to tell.

I was thinking that it wasabout time for a disaster...we've goen 2 weeks without an emergency! well, one kitten was sick for a day but then got better - that doens't count.

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Are they gassy feeling? I am thinking possibly FELV/FIV? Let us know what the vet says.
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and has only been around negative cats since.
so i doubt its FeLeuk or FIV, thankfully!
FIP did come to mind but she isn't showing any other symptoms and there isn't any accurate test for that anyway except post-mortem.

they are fairly firm, you can squish them a little, but not much.

I'm hoping its inflamed lymph nodes from something that is easily treated.

hope hope hope hope

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hoping right along with you!
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Sasha, how is Ittybitty? Do you have an update for us?
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Oooo - I missed this thread, but sending prayers out your way!!!! Hope IttyBitty is OK. Any word?

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I missed this thread also Bendy! Sending out positive vibes! Please let us know an update when you can.
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