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Tania Head - conwoman?

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The World Trade Center Survivors’ Network has removed her as president, as her story just doesn't check out. What a way to try to get attention!

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Wow. I'm surprised with all the different versions of Tania's story that it took 6 years to figure out that she's been stretching the truth.

Especially since Merryll Lynch says they didn't have her employed!
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There does seem to be a number of holes and changes in stories according to those articles.

If she did fabricate the whole thing, one has to wonder why and what her motive was if it wasn't for financial gain seeing that she apparently made no money in her role as president and/or guide etc.
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I read about this also. It is very strange.
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The only thing that I can come up with of WHY she did it (other than mental illness) is for the benefit of her non-profit.

Would you donate to someone's benefit even though the president was not in the attack or would be donate to a benefit where the president was in the attack?

IMO you would gain more sympathy and dollars for the benfit if a member (or two) in the board was almost a victim. However, IMO she should have created one story and stuck with it.
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That's really pathetic. Of course it is impossible to diagnose someone from that article, but I'd be willing to bet she is a pathological liar...lying for attention and sympathy, not monetary gain.
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Unfortunately, disasters always bring out liars and scammers. Granted, this woman doesn't seem to be profitting financially but, some people just want their 15 minutes of fame.
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