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Considering adding a cat. Am I crazy?

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I currently have 3 cats (Hannah, 16 and probably with months at most to live, Felix, 3 and a former feral who is now a fat boy and supreme snuggler and Sheba, a 1 year old American Wirehair and a VERY VERY V E R Y busy girl.) I have the opportunity to acquire Sheba's brother, who is also an American Wirehair who is unable to be shown because of a kink tail (my neighbor is a breeder and I catsit for her.) He is a very kinky boy, where Sheba was born smooth and I am just in love with him and his "wool" as well as his wonderful personality. Sheba's brother is 5 months old and neutered and ready to go.

My thinking is that Sheba needs someone to match her energy level. She is often bored despite having 1/4 acre cat fenced lawn and big home to play in. We do laser and fishing pole toys with her but it just doesn't seem to be enough. Felix "tries" to play with her, but does little more than knock her down and play bite (roughly) on her neck. She doesn't like it much. Meanwhile Sheba has begun stalking Hannah, mainly out of boredom, I believe. Hannah hates EVERYONE and always has.

I can afford to take care of another cat, am home almost all the time, and really want the new little boy. I understand that Sheba will not recognize the new kitten as her brother but am thinking that perhaps with them being of same parentage they will be a better match activity and personality-wise. The breeder describes the kitten as a "brat" which means he does love to play, is curious, etc, just like Sheba. My one (fairly small) concern is that the two wirehairs will gang up on Hannah but not really sure that is typical cat behavior. I suspect they'll just be kept busy with each other as Sheba does not bother Hannah if she is kept very busy.

Any words of advice? Am I crazy?


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I do not know a lot about cat breeds, but just want to share the craziness, as I am going to be adopting two more baby kittens here soon.
SO I will have three new babies running around..some say I am crazy...LOL
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LOL...even I may say you're crazy. Baby kittens are cute, but an awful lot of work. I've enjoyed my wirehair because I got her at 6 mos last winter and she was past the really "hair pulling stage." I'm assuming the same would go for her brother.

Pumpkin is so adorable! Here is my Sheba.

And here is the little boy at about 2 mos. I will name him Claudius if he comes home with me. He is more woolly now--even his whiskers are curled!
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ahh beautiful....love the pic in the foilage..
so you think I am crazy too eh?...LOL....oh well..I am into it, I can do it and want to do it..time passes very quickly and they will be little only once...

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Right! My neighbor (the cat breeder) has approximately 30 cats in her home at all times, including at LEAST one litter of kittens. She keeps her kittens for at least 16 weeks before selling them so if you want to see crazy--go to her house! She takes back cats that don't work out in their homes, and those that are retired or have health issues so there is a vast array of kitties there. I'm so glad I'm only the cat sitter and not the full time caregiver. It's an awful lot of work.

Enjoy and I look forward to reading about the newcomers!
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oh "Claudius" is a cutie!!!! Love the whiskers!
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Aww I think you really want this other cat, if you have the space and can afford to take care of another cat I would give it a go, I think mentally you already have 4 cats
I know I dithered about having three cats for ages and yes the third cat came along.and I have no regrets.

Good luck in your decision.
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Well, my motto is: "Cats are like potato chips - you can't have just one!" I've been called the "crazy cat-lady" on more than one occasion, and it's a name I wear w/ pride!

As long as you can afford it and if you have the room, I say, "GO FOR IT!" I also think that if you adopt a buddy for the "brat", they'll leave the other cats alone. That's what I did for Winchester, when he was still a "brat": he wanted to play all the time w/ the older cats, who wanted to be left alone. So I got Geronimo for him to play w/ and now everybody's happy!

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