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Chris, I'm so sorry. Kenzie was such a beautiful little girl and she was blessed to have such a long and wonderful life with you. Rest in peace beautiful Kenzie, and watch over your mommy now.
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Rest in Sweet Peace Kenzie Chris.... She is watching over You.
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RIP Kenzie.
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I am so sorry Chris You gave MacKenzie such a wonderful life and I know that she is going to be watching over you each and every day.

Have fun playing over the bridge sweet girl
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Chris, there are no words. I've wept rivers for your deep loss, your pain, the massive crater left in your heart, the emptiness in your home. Kenzie, baby, you're so loved and forever missed.
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Chris Just stopping by to let you know that me and my crew are still thinking of you... and sending all the love & headbutts from us all
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I'm so very touched. Thank you to each and everyone. To be totally honest, it's been a week and I feel very sad tonight. I had set so many things up for her around the house.... a litter box in the main bathroom so she could get to it.... a special kitten bed in the kitchen for her to feel safe in.. water in an area here in the family room . All for her to access because she was so sick. At the time I didn't like looking at it every day. Now I just miss seeing it there. It just seems so empty. I know it is all part of it, but it is just hard. Your support and words have meant the world to me . Thank you all very much. It's really weird not seeing the Fantastic Five anymore.
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I'm so very sorry for your loss. She was such a pretty cat and knew that you loved her very much. Rest in peace sweet angel.
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Awww Chris, I'm so so sorry to see Kenzie's name in this room. She was such a beautiful kitty and filled your lives with so much love. Your kitties will always be the Fantastic Five, she may not be here physically, but Kenzie's spirit lives on and she will always hold a special place in the hearts of everybody that knew and loved her

Big hugs to you Chris.

RIP sweet Kenzie
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I know what you mean. Lyndsey, my buddy boy of 16 1/2 years died last Friday. We had his medicine on the counter since we gave it to him twice a day. He had a kitty bed in the basement and in our bedroom so he could curl up wherever he wanted. I finally put his bowl away. He used to curl up in my closet on the floor. In the dark the other night, I thought it was him for a second. I am very sorry for your loss.
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I'm so sorry for your loss, Maggie. With most of my pets, I have felt that they lingered around but for some reason I haven't seen Kenzie. I guess it was really her time to go. Lyndsey, I am sure, is very aware of how much you loved him.
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I to present my dear friend my respects for your unfortunately loss...
Iยดm so sorry Dear Chris,..
My heart is injured by this bad new,....BUT my prayer of tonight are just for Kenzie!
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Rest in peace Kenzie.
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I am soo sorry for your loss RIP Kenzie girl
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Originally Posted by gayef View Post
*hug Chris* I am so sorry, lamb. Her pictures you so lovingly posted show that she was a gorgeous little girl who grew into a stunning little lady. I know you will miss her greatly.
she was a cute little tyke as a kitten, wasn't she? & a beautiful grown tabby. she had a nice, long life with you, knowing your love
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Thank you so much everyone. It was very strange not having her in the middle of all the presents being opened at Christmas. My parents still have her mother, brother and sister. I'm afraid he brother looks as if he will be joining her soon.
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Im so sorry you lost your Kenzie... Such a sad time! I bet Christmas wasn't quite as fun without him... Im so sorry to hear of Kenzies brother being ill also!
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