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Kitten questions

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Hello, my cat had a small litter consisting of 2 kittens (a grey one and a black one) 3 days ago. The grey kitten seems to be doing fine but the black one i'm a little worried about. For starters he doesn't have very much fur, he has plenty on his head and some on the sides but his back is practically bald. And he's not growing like the grey one is, if you compare them side to side you can tell that the grey kitten is much fatter. I believe he is having trouble nursing,because of the way the mother cats lays down,she kind of curls up instead of stretching out so it's kinda hard for both of them to nurse at once.
Does anyone have any tips for helping them nurse? And is the baldness normal? Or does it mean he's not as healthy as he should be and maybe I should bring him to the vets?

I would very much appreciate any help!
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He might be premature. Cats are capable of conceiving at different times, so some kittens will be born a little earlier then they ought to. Can you post a pic of the black one?

Also, you might want to consider hand-feeding the black one until he is a little stronger. You can get KMR(kitten milk replacement) at most petstores. Don't use a bottle though, most kittens won't drink from them. Instead, go to the nearest vet and get a syringe(they'll probably give it to you for free). If not, you can always get a syringe at walgreens or walmart.
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We also recently had a runt kitten that wasn't nursing well, I had to give him KMR for a few days until he was stronger and started nursing better. He's also less furry than the other kittens. Although I didn't know cats can have kittens of different gestations like TortieBaby says, it makes sense because the runt doesn't look as old as the others. He is only half the size of the other 3.
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Thank you both for your help. We did get some milk replacement and hand fed him yesterday and today, but he died tonight. I wasn't home but my mom was trying to feed him and the milk was coming out of his nose. I feel terrible and wish I could have done something to save him. Thanks again for your help.
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Oh Lint, I am so very sorry. Thank you for doing your best for the baby. Best wishes with the other, please keep us updated with pics.
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I'm so sorry
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I'm so sorry about the little one. But if he was "premature" then that's why he didn't make it. When you don't control the breeding, things like this happen a lot.
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