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The friendliest cat you'd ever find

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I think our neighborhood cat has crossed over the rainbow bridge.

Buddy was 12/13 years old and had been an indoor/outdoor cat all his life. I think that's pretty good for a cat that goes outside. Every morning and night he'd make his rounds to all the neighbors. Everyone would stop and pet him. He'd eat my catnip plant. Stoli and Luxor even got used to him.

Sometimes Buddy wouldn't come home for the night, but he'd always be there for breakfast in the morning.

Last September (06) Buddy was diagnosed with a heart condition and had to have fluid removed from his lungs and around his heart. This made it much easier for him to breathe. Early this spring he had to have it done again.

All summer he'd been losing weight. We knew it was just a matter of time. My next door neighbor's boyfriend practices Reiki and said Buddy just wanted the summer - then he could let go. Summer was his favorite season.


Buddy hasn't been home for over a week now. He hasn't had any of his medicine either. He's never been gone for this long and I'm afraid that he chose to pass outside rather than in a vet's office.

Here's Buddy.

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Rest in peace, Buddy.
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Poor Buddy, I am glad that all the neighbors helped to take care of him.

Have you seen any signs or found him?
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we haven't seen any sign of him. He was looking really ill that last week. But still greeting everyone and getting some petting from them.

This summer when Stoli and Luxor were boarded we had one day home without cats so we opened up all the doors and windows because we could. Buddy came in to say hi....
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Buddy is so handsome. I'm sorry for your loss.

RIP Buddy.
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RIP Buddy. You are a very handsome man
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I'm sure he chose his time and place to cross the bridge, the way he wanted it. Now he's making the rounds of all the TCS angels and getting to know them as he did your neighborhood.

Rest in peace Buddy.
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Buddy is a very handsome boy! You never know - he may show up again.
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Poor baby. He was gorgeous.

RIP Buddy
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