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Yin and Yang are gone. :(

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They went to their new home today. Wah!

I was going to wait until they were a little older and were spayed, but I really like the woman I picked out to be their new owner and since I am having trouble with my car and am not sure if I would be able to make it to their spay appointment then I decided to go ahead and offer to let the new owner take them herself. I think it's for the best because then the kittens are able to bond with her at a younger age. Also, she can wait til they are a bit older(maybe 12 weeks) to take them to be spayed instead of the 8 weeks that I had planned for. So, it's a win-win situation.

I also went ahead and waved the adoption fee since 1) I know they are going to a loving home and 2) I will not be the one taking them to the vet.

The woman was SOOOO excited when I emailed her today and told her that she could come and get Yin and Yang if she wanted. She had planned on visiting them this evening(this was her second time coming here), so she was super happy to find out that she could take them home while she was at it.

I gave her lots of formula(the kittens are weaned, but I still give them formula in a dish, they're spoiled, lol) 2 containers of kittensfood to add to the container she had already bought, the bag of kitten-attract I had, and a big fish-shaped bed that I sewed for the kittens, that way they would have something familiar.

Both times she has come Yin has fallen asleep on her, lol, so I know the kittens are comfortable with her. I hope all goes well. I can't wait to get updated pics and see how they like their new home!

By the way, they are 6 weeks and 2 days old today.
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Despite their age, they still have each other to learn from, and you put together great kitten care packs for them.

I hope you realsise that I'll be looking to you for advice on how to deal with letting go.... It must have been hard, but at least you can put more focus on your forever pets now, instead of feeding kittens for 6 weeks.
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*sigh* It's sad to have let them go, but you're right, it is kinda nice to be able to focus on my OWN pets now. Nanna, the adult cat I took in a few weeks ago, is snuggled in my lap as I type, lol. She's such a lovebug. Before she just wanted to be with the kittens, now she wants to be with ME. <3 Awww....
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you did a wonderfull job with these 2 kittens you saved their lives and they will be forever thankfull to you for that.
im glad they have found a happy forever home x
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Yes, you've done a wonderful job saving them and finding them a home! I know you'll miss them, but you deserve congratulations!
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Well, great news! It looks like I MIGHT be able to foster 3 more kittens! They're all black and the woman caring for them has to put a ribbon on each one to tell them apart, lol. They're about 5 weeks old right now and, if I DO take them, I will get them next weekend. That leaves me just enough time to catch up on some sleep, lol.
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Congrautulations on being able to let them go...it's no easy task, I tell ya! You did a wonderful job caring for your two babies - hopefully you're able to take the three other fosters.
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AWE... Congrats on finding Yin & Yang a wonderful new home, you do such a great job, you should be SO proud

I'm sure it is so hard... but rewarding at the same time to know that they will have a full and fulfilling life somewhere new, because of you.

& now you get to start all over again, & can help these 3 new kittens that need your help.

BRAVO to you.
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