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Somebody loves me!!!

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I just have to take this quick opportunity (sp? I always was bad at spelling, )to say a huge THANK YOU to Hissy (MaryAnne)

Just when I was feeling my lowest...I got a care package in the mail.

MaryAnne..........THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! You made me feel so good inside and it took away so much of the hurt I was feeling!!!!!!! You are a GODSEND!!!!!! Friends like you are few and far between!!!! And I am lucky to know you, let alone be someone you care about!!!!! I feel very blessed!!!!!
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You are quite welcome Debby! Glad the soap dish didn't break on you. I thought the cat sort of resembled Merlin- just fatter! I am glad you liked it and more importantly that it brought you a much-needed smile.

Did you watch the video yet?
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Oh that was so sweet of you Hissy!

This board has such wonderful people, I have never seen caring like it before!

Aww it touches my heart!
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The hurt? What happened? I have been with nasty throat stuff for a while and have been out of the loop! DEBBY!! Are you ok??? I would've had a care package to you, too (GO BARRY MANILOW!), but well, I SUCK! lol It will be coming, though. I promise.
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Hissy, I haven't got a chance to watch the video yet, I thought maybe tonight when the kids are here...I think they would enjoy it as well!!! The tea is awesome!

Carrie, I have just been going through some rough times at work and at home and some personal problems, so you didn't miss anything...I didn't post about it, I just talked to a few of the people here in the mods lounge about some of it. I hate to post all my problems out in the open sometimes, although you all are so wonderful to listen and help.
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MaryAnne that was so sweet of you! I love when someone does something special like that for someone who could really use a smile!

Debby I hope you are feeling better and that maybe things are on their way up? At some point the tide has to turn and good things take the place of the bad. Keep smiling!
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