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Tonight I finally decided to put the light back on the top of our aquarium. I had left it off during the summer so "the girls" could sit and watch Fester swim around underneath them. After watching him a while, I just wonder...can they see theirselves in the glass? I mean...looking thru the front of the tank, it looks like a mirror to me, but does it look that way to him??
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Yes. Yes, they do see themselves. They are arrogant, so they like it.

Just kidding. I don't know. Interesting question, though. I wonder. I know that if you hold a mirror up to a betta fish in a bowl, it attacks.
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My! You are feeling froggy tonight, aren't ya? Thing is....I can peer thru the tank from looking in the top, but I can see out....but if I look thru the front, it looks mirrored. If I could just fit in the tank with the lid and light on...I'd know for sure!!
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Well I know if you hold a mirror up to a betta, it will "attack" its reflection, so I would imagine just about any fish can see themselves.
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I'm pretty sure they can, unless goldfish eyes aren't as good as betta eyes...My recently deceased betta used to wear himself ragged, flaring at his reflection in the tank glass. =3 My new bot in that tank doesn't particularly care for flaring at himself; he doesn't even flare at himself in the mirror! But then, he flares a lot of the female betta sharing his tank (it is divided, of course).
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