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dental floss

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is it actually neccessary to have dental floss to tie off the cords when your cat is having kittens? i dont see why, cause if the mother does it herslef i dont see her taking some string and tieing it up. and if i do need it, is it ok if it has mint flavor, cause thats all i can find. i thought skeeter was supposed to have her kittens last night or the night before, and now i think she should have them tonight, but i dont know, i know that she is very close.
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when the mother cat chews the cord she severs it so it stops them from bleeding it out.
if she dosnt chew them herself and you have to do it for her , just put cutting it and not tieing it off they can bleed out just like a human baby would. i never hd dentel floss to hand when fluffy didnt chew the cords so i used cotten, just make sure there isnt any long bits for the others to chew on. dentel floss is better because its more hyginic then cotten.
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