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extra nipples?

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cats are supposed to have 8 nipples right? 4 on each side going up her body? well, my pregnant cat has 9 nipples, i noticed it and she let me count them today and she had 9. i no for sure that she is not inbred, so is this normal??
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i had a cat who had 10 nipples, 5 on each side, she was pregnant when i took her in and the 2 extra nipples never produced any milk, it is possible.
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I've seen odd amounts - nothing to worry about. Sometimes people have a very small 3rd nipple!
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One of my foster cat Momma's had 9 nipples. I think she was just trying to be supermom or something. She was a good Momma! I wouldn't worry about it...I think it does happen sometimes!
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