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I'm at my wits end and almost in tears. (sorry long post)

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OK I really want to stomp up and down and scream and yell right now. Partly because of someone else's actions and partly because of my own stupidity.

Here's what has happend.

11 glorious weeks ago I was blessed with 4 bottle babies to add to my already rescued momma that poppped out 6 babies just 4 weeks prior to that and my already blessed home of 3 adult cats of our own. OK so we have 14 cats in the house if you count that out. (this will come in to play later)

A week after I got these little darlings I had to have someone else care for them because I was getting married and going on honeymoon/vaction with my family (ok irrelevent and I'm babbling)

After getting my wonderful boys back and they started to get their eyes fully open and do the growing thing I noticed that one started to get a bit of a spot on his head while bathing him. I bathed them often usually every day if not more depending on how messy they were from feedings and the usual bottle baby bed accidents. OK, just keep an eye on it.

Well, then he and the other 3 started to have more little bumps here and there and I just kept doing my thing, cleaning, taking off any flaking skin, etc. and started to worry so I started looking things up. OMG there is too much information on the net sometimes so I ended up taking them to the vet.

RINGWORM - Vet didn't seem too concerned, sent me home with a small bottle of Conofite lotion, said to put it on the infected areas twice a day and nothing more. OK so off we go to do this...

Since nobody else seemed to be that concerned about it, neither was I.
Then I got it, my daughter got it, a friend of hers got it and the friends mom got it, and their cats got - Another home is now infected!!!

I start doing more research because at this point my babies are losing their hair. I'm continuing the treatment but it just doesn't seem to be enough and I run out. I continue to clean them and look online to see if there is anything at home I can do as I don't have the money to go to the vet with them again (I was under a rescue group's umbrella for help with costs but the group fell apart and I was asked to keep the cats in my care, that's another issue all together)

So here we are with these original babies 11 weeks old. I found out 3 weeks ago that the person that had taken my babies to care for them (the "founder" of this other "rescue" group) Had ring worm really bad in her house and never told me!!!!

I am so angry right now because the more I dive in to learning the worse it gets! I never knew how they were transmitted other than if they touched each other and IF the infection got to the other cats. This wasn't much of an issue because the bottle babies up until a couple of weeks ago were usually in a kennel unless feeding, bathing or out for just a short time during the day for exercise. If we were gone or at night they were in the kennel for their safety.

I'm so mad at myself for not investigating sooner. As I have been flea combing every one without any kind of cleaning the combs in between cats. They share everything, they go everywhere in the house and it's not unusual for us to have a bedfull at night with us.

You guessed it, I can't keep up with it!!!

If there is anyone out there that has anything that they can offer as far as advice on home remedies of any kind for these babies I would be ever so greatful.

I'm racking my brains trying to figure out how I am going to get all 11 of the cats left here at the house in to the vet for extensive treatment for this, ear mites and all the other things that cats get before I can even think about getting them their vaccinations or spayed/neutered.

I have found that I am going to have to wash absolutely everything over and over and over again, it will be endless until it's all gone off the cats. I'll be bleaching until I die it seems and luckily I have no carpet in the house so I don't have to deal with that.

I've been using over the counter antifungal cream on us humans to keep it under wraps but watch for any new spots that may develop.

Is there any hope at all?
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Take a deep breath.
Is there anyway you can limit the cats to one room? That would simplify the clean up. Wear one set of clothes into that room and change upon leaving. Those clothes will need to be washed ASAP.

If you could take one of the cats in, the vet should give you enough medication for all of the cats.

My son's rescue pup had ringworm. He warned us about handwashing and cleaning, but I swear we were allowed free contact after two weeks of treatment (we treated a total of 6 weeks), so double check with the vet. None of our other dogs, cats or humans in contact with her came down with it. And I had his pup over every day for the first three months he had her for socialization.
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I don't know what kinds of resources are available in your area, and I also hope others here at TCS will have better resources and information than I do; but I would suggest the following: if you have a trusted regular vet, ask if (s)he can work with you and explain the situation with the rescue group's disbanding. Often vets have a "safety net" for customers who are deserving but unable to defray all the costs in a crisis like this one; I'm hoping your vet will be one of these. Also, try visiting and emailing your situation there ( is the email for uncategorized questions, I'm pretty sure; but doublecheck onsite) as they are a wonderful organization with many experts and resources. They may be able to direct you to someone in your area who can help out. DON'T GIVE UP HOPE. You have saved these babies' precious lives and though it seems a very uphill battle, it is a very worthwhile one. Don't panic. Help IS available. Be patient, take some deep breaths and keep on going. They deserve it -- you all deserve it! and THANK YOU for your caring.
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Oh, you poor thing. There is hope.

It can take a while to get rid of ringworm. I will defer to other posters as to the efficacy of various OTC products, but you may want to contact other vets who will not insist on you bringing in all 14 (or 11?) cats to treat the same condition. Vets who are more familiar with "herd medicine" by dealing with breeders, shelters, etc. are generally more reasonable when dealing with something like this. It honestly seems absurd if your vet demands you bring them all in for treatment of ringworm since it's something that can be safely treated at home.

You may even want to contact local rescue groups and/or shelters who may be familiar with the whackjobs who dumped the kittens on you (and sympathetic to your plight). You got into this by trying to foster for a rescue group that went belly up. It's not like you're some crazy hoarder. They might be able to refer you to a reasonable vet, if nothing else.
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Powdered sulfur mixed with vaseline or unscented cream will kill ringworm in 2-3 says. Not lime sulfur and not Sulfinex. Sulfur powder can be found at a speciality pharmacy in your area. It works and is cheap and does not burn.
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Originally Posted by ddcats View Post
Powdered sulfur mixed with vaseline or unscented cream will kill ringworm in 2-3 says. Not lime sulfur and not Sulfinex. Sulfur powder can be found at a speciality pharmacy in your area. It works and is cheap and does not burn.
See I saw online people putting together the lime sulfur and I was shocked. I thought that can't be right, it would burn I would think.

I didn't know there was a different kind so thank you for that suggestion.

Thank you everyone! I appreciate all the feedback and the messages I've received.

I've also heard that Apply Cider Vinegar can help too. So I think they are all about to get a good dabbing of that for a while because I can get it cheap and it will be the easiest to to mix with water for a good rinsing and such.

I am also going to call my vet and tell him what has happend and see what he says about bringing one in and being able to treat the rest. They did it with the worming medicines without seeing any of them but said if it was for ear mites they'd have to see them. So I'm hoping in this situation one brought in will be enough.

I knew you all would bring my spirits back!

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I have been through EXACTLY the same thing apart from the fact we were given our beautiful kitten from a breeder who decided not to tell us the cat had ringworm. It has been a NIGHTMARE i got the worst lot of the infection all over my body i was covered in deep red PAINFUL rings. I tried all over the counter fungal cream NOTHING seemed to work and what is more there doesnt seem to be much out there to treat the cats.

However, we are now on top of it but it is going to be a lot harder for you because of the amount of cats you have. The best shampoo for the cat is MALSEB after the first few treatments the ringworm really calmed down, you have to shampoo twice a week though. If there is a room you can limit them to that would be the best thing.

The cream that worked on us humans (the ringworm literually faded over night) is an over the counter cream (which i had never heard of until i went to the doctor) called saviour!! Unfortunately you wll probably need to disinfect the house too after hoovering throughly, the best anti fungal dis infectant is VIRKON (you can buy it on the internet).

I totally understand what you are going through its the most awful feeling, message me at any time.
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My brother's household went through this a few years ago. A stray manx kitty (who later became my kitty) had it and his whole house got infected....five other cats, my brother, my sis in law, my nephew and myself.

First of all, my vet suggested washing the kitties...all affected or who had the potential in dermazol shampoo. I think this is the name of it. We washed them weekly (once a week) for a few weeks. I know how hard it is to wash cats, but do the best you can. It may take at least two people. It was a pain, but it worked. People can treat themselves with anti-fungal cream from the doctor and it ususally resolves quickly.

It is important to wash pet and human bedding and blankets as well, for the duration, after treatments. But try the shampoo. Ask your vet, that is where they ususally sell it. That is what got rid of it for us. The kittens should be easier. It can be highly contagious, though I only got one place on me. I did not even know what it was until a nurse at work told me.

I do not remember using a creme on the cats, but the shampoo was a lifesaver.

Good luck! *hugs* And remember this is not your fault. You have a HUGE heart and you have to give yourself a break. Try to rally the troops in your house. This can be gotten rid of.

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My vet too only needed one of the cats in the house to diagnose and prescribe treatment for all the household cats. I am having trouble remembering, but they may have gotten medicine and I may have had to find out all of their weights.

I think the shampoo I mentioned was dermazol. But ask your vet about it. A bottle should go a long way.

Please let us know how it's going.
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Ok So I bought Lamasil cream and spray and a gallon of bleach.

I have the flea combs (I have 3 and may be buying more to help keep some soaking while we are combing out the others) so I can not only go through and get the fleas off but it helps get the dead scaly skin from the ringworms off too. So, each kitty will get a full coming and then the combs will soak after each one. Spray will be used most as it will cover the best but there are spots on the head that I will use the cream for.

AND then I think my kids are tired of all the laundry but, We just moved, things are all over the place so it all has to be washed AGAIN and this time the kids are to immediately put it in their drawers, a closed box or something and make sure it gets to their rooms where no cats are allowed.

Next I'll start one room at a time cleaning all surfaces and sweeping/mopping. I am so greatful we have no carpet!!

I will do this first and if we don't see results starting to happen in a few days, I'll start begging at some of the local vet bill helping agencies for some assistance. (I really don't want to burden any more then they already are)

I am so greatful for everyone's help and support here for this and all our babies!
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I see some light at the end of the tunnel.

Yes it's only been one day but the Lamisil is giving some really good results on us humans and I'm hoping that the same will be for our cats.

I've had one on my arm for months now and no matter how much I keep putting on the other fungal cream it just doesn't quite go away. I put Lamisil all day yesterday and before I went to bed. Today it's barely seen!!

I'm crossing my fingers that we might be on our way to less dots!
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The fur complicates treating cats for ringworm. The medication will actually cause more fur to fall off at first - the vet told us it was because the medication was killing the fungus on some of the hair that we didn't realize was infected. I think it took two weeks to have a visable improvement.
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Ya, I have seen where it says to spread the medicine farther out than what is visibly infected because of the fur issue.

I was even able to get the medicine on our "spooky" cat. LOL Actually her name is spooky because my son got her last year in October but her personality fits it too, she is skittish.

But I just found a time that she was calm and napping, started petting her and loving her, as soon as the motor started, I put some medicine on my finger and just make it seem like that's where I was scratching at the moment.

We have another one that is kind of like that too but he did really well. Thank goodness because he's a long haired cat and that can be the worst for getting the ringworm to clear up.

Today I'm working on getting their main play area and the kitchen bleached down. They are quite curious as to what mom is doing. LOL But all their toys are going to be washed and the scratching toys are all going to be getting a good vacuuming and a bleach spray down. I'll sit them all outside to dry completely before bringing them back in.

One step at a time I keep telling myself, it will get conquered!
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