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Avatar help

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I have a pic of "Scream" in the photobucket, their avatar size is 100x75. is
that ok for an avatar on here. Also when I go to edit avatar, click and the
box at the bottom is for custom avatar, it has 2 options.
enter the URL of image from another website

upload image from your computer

ok I've tried both, I keep getting 'invalid URL'
also how do you all get the writing that I see under some people's
photobuckets different links
email and IM .........
direct link........
html tag......
IMG code.......

and one more question...can I use a slideshow from the photobucket
for a siggy?
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For the avatar, as long as you are a paid member, the size is fine, but it would break copyright rules

Use the direct link urls for linking sigs

You can use a slideshow, but the rules for images on TCS are set at filesizes and most slideshows will be well above the limits (right click on your image or slideshow and see if it is under 30kb)
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100x75 should be fine, since you are a paying member. The file size might be too large which is why it is giving you a hard time. If you PM it to me, I can resize it and insert it for you.

You need to be a "Top Cat" before you can post a custom usertitle:

Top Cat
1200 posts and 150 days in membership
50 stored PMs
119 total avatars to choose from
Ability to upload custom avatar
120 Kb in uploaded attachments
Ability to create custom usertitle
Posting access to IMO, if over 18.

As far as the sig, it needs to be within the size guidlines. If you want to PM it to me, I can let you know.
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the slideshow on pb is 100kb, too large. is there anyway for one of ya'll (not me, don't know how) could resize it?

did you mean the file size of the pic of 'Scream' I want to use as the avatar?
is that why I got that message invalid URL?
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Avatars have to be small too (I checked 29.3kb), if it is more than that or the wrong format, it won't upload. The best thing to do is save it to your computer and upload from there.

Signatures, you just put the direct link in [img] tags in the sig text box in the edit signature

It is almost impossible to make the slideshow small enough for TCS, how many images is it?
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Sorry about the break, my son and I went to the Mall. There are 10 images in a
I think you could view it through the link. It may need for my to redo some of it , there might be a couple pics on there I accidently clicked on twice!
It's so cute! let me know if you can do something with it, if not I totally understand, but
if you think you can, let me know and I'll make sure it is right, like make sure all their names are
above their pictures, and then resend it to ya!
Thanks for your time!
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It won't work in that slideshow format, you would need to make the photos into a .gif file that flicks between them and would probably get a max of 4 pictures at that size (they could work as an avatar like that too)
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