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Personality change..........(happy thread)

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I might ramble on a bit so bare with me here.

So we found Pong in mid July and brought her into our home. The first couple of hours she stayed nervous. But with in a short time she warmed right up. At this point I moved her safe room from the youngest son to our room. We used a barricade to keep her in there. This worked well for us and kept the kids from messing with her. Yet Ping could come in as he pleased to check her out. While she was back there I spent a lot of time back there so she could get used to me. And she did. If I was on the bed so was she.

From here we started to let her check out the house. We had a few talks with Ping that he was still the baby but Pong needed a home just like he did when he was little. And as crazy as it sounds I think this really helped Ping to accept her. And before long they were totally bonded. Like just the other day Pong could not find Ping. She walked through the house crying for him. Next I know Ping pops his head out of his hidey hole and meowed for her. Then the hopped up on the couch and slept beside each other.

Now the personality change part. Well at least this is how I see it anyways. I guess Pong was so into checking everything out and finding her favorite spots she did not have much time to lay around with anyone. And that was ok with us. As long as she was happy we were happy. But within the last week at night and in the early morning she has taken to getting up on the couch and snuggling with me. So far I am really the only one she does this with. And it just melts my heart.

Don't get me wrong Ping will snuggle sometimes. But those are few and far between and on his own terms. And we cherish every minute of it. But its nice to have a cat around that will lay up on the couch with you and just chill.
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It sounds like she's definitely warmed up to everyone...she's so lucky an angel like you found her! God bless you for doing what you did!
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Isn't that lovely. It warms your heart to see them together I'm sure as we have the same thing with Mika and Bijou. Your cats are both very beautiful.
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Seeing them snuggle, call to each other and play with each other warms my heart. Makes me think I was not crazy for adding another cat to the house.

Oh and by the way I had to clip Pong's claws the other day. She developed a bad habit (thanks hubby) of attack my feet when I under my crochet blankets when I lay on the couch. Right now I am sporting so nasty scratches from the other day.
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Sounds like you got a healthy, happy little kitty on your hands...
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How sweet. Hearing this gives me hope that when I decide to get a second kitty, my Babee doesn't object.
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