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any idea...

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if there are any sites out there that you can buy an ipod nano with paypal OTHER than ebay?
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Wish I could help you out.
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What about Amazon.com?
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Possibly Craigs List or google products.
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I haven't been on Paypal for a while, but use to be that they had a list of stores that accepted Paypal payment. I would try that and see if anyone has something.

Also didn't eBay do a spinoff of itself a long time ago called half.com? Try there.
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now that i think of it... You can also order it from Apple.com, they have an online store and I think it's the best way to order it from them. I did order my iPod and they also carved my name with laser on it, so they could the same for you, and it was free
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It is on the list of paypal stores
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hey thanks everyone.

you can't use paypal on amazon because they have their 'own' paypal. I checked on paypal but couldn't search for the item, just by store.....but then again maybe I didn't look well enough.

I actually bought some Bogs Boots this morning so the Nano will have to wait. I want to get the new 3rd generation nano.

But since I live in Maine, I'll definitely get some wear out of these boots. I can't remember the last time I actually owned a pair of boots. I always just had wet feet....
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