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Feliway question.

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Ok, I have another question a feliway. If I start using it for Samba, do I have to keep using it? I found the diffuser and I haven't bought it yet. It is expensive, so buying a new refill every 4 weeks would cost a lot. So can I only use it once.

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I buy my refills at Farm & Fleet for $14.99 each. I've heard has good sales on them too.

I keep my diffuser going 24/7. When it runs out the behavior problems start up again. Raven has cancer and we are having aggression issues because Stimpy wants to move up the pecking order. Once a new refill is in place, peace returns.
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I use a diffuser all the time too, just to keep things calm. I wasn't paying attention, and ran out a few months ago, and could really tell the difference. I'll never be without it again. I also buy mine from the
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What about the spray? Is that to be used only once? It said to continue it for a month, but after that do I not have to use it again?

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Once you start using it, either the diffuser or the spray, you'll want to continue using it regularly. I always forget to change my diffuser, but am reminded when my kitty's anxious behavior returns. Believe me, when you see the change, you'll WANT to be sure to use Feliway all the time.

I search around on the internet to find a good deal. Usually, I buy mine from PetsMart online as it's cheaper than in the store and they won't honor the online price in the store.
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It has been suggested that I use the feliway for my kitten who has an over-grooming problem.
The vet offered to order in the diffuser for $150; and I'm wondering if anyone has seen if for cheaper online... (A link would be super helpful ) Or if that is a pretty basic cost for it.
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Ebay has feliaway, better prices..
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I order my refills online, too. I either order from Amazon or eBay. I can get 6 refills online for about the cost of 3 at the pet store.

I would try one first before investing in a bunch of refills. It affects different cats to different degrees. For example, I don't notice much of a difference with Lilly one way or another. Leo's behavior, on the other, is noticeably different when the diffuser runs out. It's worth having it at my house for "keeping the peace" between my two. YMMV.
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Grief! $150??? Yikes! I didn't pay that much for mine!! Is it made of gold or something?!?

Look for the Comfort Zone with Feliway diffuser. Here's a link for what you're looking for:

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