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Wisdom teeth

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Hi all, It's 9:13 pm. 12 hours after I have had all four of my wisdom teeth out. So I'm just apologizing in advance for any weird responses I make to threads tonight. I have to take 2 T3's every three hours and 1 Endocet every four hours. So I'm feeling a little funny. and I'm drooling if you can imagine that! hahaha.

The cotton is out now and I'm having trouble adjusting to a mouth that doesn't seem to fit together, oh well, it's not like I need to eat anything right away. I've lots of ginger ale and water. It's weird, I haven't had anything solid for 17 hours and I'm not hungry at all. Usually I'd be starving and eating everything in site, as per usual, but not today. hee hee. I'm going to suck it up for the next day and just relax.

My mom is coming over tomorrow morning to baby me (UGH!) so we'll see how that goes.:tounge2: Well, back to responding...
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Ensure! Will give you the nutrition you need and not interfere with your mouth too much. You had four out at the same time? Yipes! I would be passed out by now! Feel better soon!
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thanks hissy, I will pass on the info to the grocery shopper. Darrell is only going to go to work for four hours tonight and then he's coming back to take care of me. I personally told him to do it cause he was up so late driving me around and filling the prescriptions and buying ice packs that he didn't get to sleep until about 3p.m. which is super late for us cause we work nights.

(my mom actually vocalized how great a husband Darrell is tonight after she heard what great care he has taken of me! YAY *jumps around happily* ~in her head of course)
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Tamme - Your mouth will take time to fit together. The bone structure has changed alot. The bones that the teeth sit in will now have to knit together, as they do so your other teeth will have more room to settle in. As they do your 'bite' will set back to normal again.

Don't use straws to drink, doing so can prevent the gums healing. Avoid very hot drinks, the bleeding my come back now and again, but it's nothing to worry about. If it's excessive bleeding then see the dentist straight away.

I trained as a dental tech when I was 18 so I've seen everything the mouth can offer :P
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Did they knock you out or did they just give you something that numbed your mouth really good?
I had all 4 pulled when I was in the 5th grade, and I was knocked out. All I remember is that it made me sick
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Healing thoughts on yer way! I still have my wisdom teeth and the dentist doesnt see any need for removing them, even though they jut out and cut the sides of my cheeks. I guess its something I gotta live with.

Ensure is a good idea, get all the nutrition you need! Or pedialyte (just kidding)
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I had the same procedure done 5 years ago. All 4 were impacted and if I didn't take them out they would grow into my jaw! So it was a necessity.

What is really weird is that the drugs didn't affect me at all! The dentist told me to start counting backwards...10...9...8...and I kept counting to -20! So they had to give me a stronger dose.

When I came out of the operation I was extra alert and the dentist wanted me to at least lie down for 20 minutes to make sure I was alright. I even asked him to show me the teeth he had extracted because I didn't believe he did anything to me!

I went home and they gave me the Tylenol 3's but I had no need for them. I had no swelling, barely any bleeding. I was eating normal food by the next day (small amounts).

To this day I still think he did nothing to me because I felt absolutely no discomfort! Too weird!

Tamme, one thing I can recommend to you is make sure you clean the 'sockets' that are left over. Not sure if your dentist gave you a syringe to clean the area but that is the most important thing to do.

You really don't want to get an infection in there....that is a horrible!

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I had my wisdom teeth out several years back due to impaction. When I came to after the operation, my mom told me I kept talking about all the little kittens running around the room while I was under. Apparently being knocked out makes me weirder than usual.

Luckily, my dentist told me to take extra zinc for two weeks ahead of the operation and it seemed to help it heal quickly, although I still remember slobbering all over myself for half a day afterwards!

Hope you heal quickly!!
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It seems that most people have trouble with their wisdom teeth. Makes you wonder why we even have the things.

Fortunately, I'm one of the lucky ones. I had one wisdom tooth and it came in after a back tooth was pulled. Good thing, too. I'm the world's biggest baby, when it comes to dental work. Broken bones, big babies and torn ligaments have been no problem but, any sort of dental work has me in tears.
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I really do feel your pain. I had my four wisdom teeth removed and then 2 others because they were affecting my hearing and sense of smell (the roots of the tooth wraped around the nerves). I was in surgery for 7 hours, and I had 4 doctors. I was a chipmunk for a week I only ate jello 3 days after my surgery. They put me completly under because the ear nose and throat DR wouldnt do it with me awake. Then to top it off I kept getting dry sockets...IT SUCKS!
I am very sorry for your pain, I do know how you feel. Take care

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Put tea bags (any kind of tea will do).
This will make you clot better.
Tastes nasty.... but honestly it works!!!
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When I was 16 I had all 4 of mine out, and all four were impacted. I can tell you it was the WORST experience of my life pain wise with the exception of childbirth.

My best advice for you is to take it slow, take any antibiotics they may have given you, and just try to bear the pain. It does get better with time.

I really can sympathize!
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Thanks guys for telling me all your experiences. Right now I just took a Perkicet(sp?) and am waiting for it to kick in. My mom came over to take care of me and she just slept the whole time!

Russian Blue, I don't use a syringe cause I need the clots to stay in place so I don't get dry sockets. That would suck, but with the amount of pain that I'm in right now, I'm wondering if they did come out. I am however swishing with salt water. Hopefully that will keep infection at bay.

I'm starting to swell up now, it's 17 hours after the surgery. I'm using cold compacts, but they seem to make my mouth hurt more if I remove them. I'm sipping luke warm beef and chicken broth for food and water and ginger ale for fluids (ha ha).

I don't why my teeth are sticking together though. Every time I slightly clamp my teeth together and then release them, the teeth slightly stick together. It doesn't hurt at all, I think, but it's curious...

My mouth has split on the right side from the gauzes that I was using. I've got polysporin on it, but it hurts.

I didn't need to have my wisdoms out, but I have a temporary dental plan right now, so had to take advantage of the opportunity as it is expensive.

The anethesiologist (who knocked me out) has a Manx, so we talked about her until I suddenly clonked out, and then woke up full of gauze. I did feel utterly awake and alert afterwards and had a whole bunch of questions that I had to write down. The lady said I was really good (I didn't flinch when she put the needle in my wrist) and was impressed with the operation. I go back for a check-up on Tuesday apparently.

Lhezzza, teabags? perhaps berry herbal will taste best eh?
TiannaF, it affected your hearing? I have slight hearing loss, I wonder if it will be better now? hee hee
Auburn412, I freaked out a lot yesterday cause I was slobbering a lot and I thought it was blood! It was dark as I was supposed to be resting, but I was crying and complaining to Darrell cause of all the slobber, until he turned on the light and we realized that's all it was! ha ha
Tigger, they did BOTH, haha. you had it done in grade 5!?!?! unbelievable. Perhaps they weren't wisdom teeth eh?

Thanks guys for all your support, keep it comin!
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Get a much sympathy as you can!

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