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Daily Thread 29/09/07

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Morning Everyone

Diego has asked me to take over the morning thread for a bit and of coarse I am happy too.

Another very nice day here, sunny, bright and a little on the breezy side. It is a kicking leaves kind of day as the sidewalks now have tons of yellow birch and willow leaves on them. Still waiting on the reds and oranges but give it a few more days and they will be there as well.

Heading off to work in a bit, hopefully won't be to busy of a day and will be out by 4. Need to do some grocery shopping later as my cupboards are pretty bare.

The kitties are great, Linus is playing with a feather he stole of my sewing basket and Sassy is observing.

Hope everyone has good day.
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Good morning

Today is a beautiful day outside. Nice and sunny.

I have three goals for the weekend:

- work on my grad school application

- cook some vegetarian shepperd's pie, soup, muffins, granola, etc. and freeze it all for later.

- set up my wireless router and maybe fix my computer. (yeah, right! )

And of course enjoy the sun at the same time. Maybe I'll study outside for a while.
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It is a beautiful cool, clear sunny day here.

We are headed to my parents in a bit to do a few odd jobs around their house.

My nephew will be coming over later to bottle the beer he and Aaron brewed a few weeks ago.

Have a great day everyone!
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My SO and his mom and dad, sister, niece and nephew are going bike riding on the Kady Trail today. It's supposed to be beautiful today...sunny and 80 degrees, perfect for a bike ride!
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