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I rescued some bunnies today!!!!

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I know I should probably put this in the cats and other animals section but, I wanted everyone to see it!!! I'm happy!!! I rescued 4 bunnies today that were suppose to be snake food (yeh I know snakes have to eat and whatnot, the guys snakes were giant by the way). there were 10 orginally and only 4 left by the time i could get a ride, but they are happy. 1 seems a little lathargic and hopefully it's just a shock thing and she will be ok. I'm trying to figure out if I should keep 1 or 2, there are 2 that i feel connected to more and my neightbor wants one. Hopefully the one is not preg cuz one is obviously male and the other is a girl, I couldn't tell with the others as they look like they might be a little younger but the female looks a little fatter then the others who are kinda boney.tomorrow I will call the vet and see i fi can get them checked and make spay/neuter appointments. I'm so happy though, they are all so sweet but I am very worried about the runt one. I'll try to put pics up tomorrow.
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Awww, thats sweet! I've been wanting a snake but I would never have the heart to feed them living mammals. Maybe a tiny snake that eats crickets but not one that eats bunnies!

Please post pictures, I adore rabbits!
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Awwww - but if you have a male and female, chances are you have or will have very quickly a pregnant bunny. Doesn't take the male very long!

Do you have the finances to spay/neuter them all? From someone's post in here its like triple the cost of S/N cats!
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Aww! Thank you for rescueing them.
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yeh I am going to call a clinic today about spay/neuter, they have low cost one here that does rabbits. the boy rabbit doesn't even seem interested in the other rabbits. Could have been the situation though. they are so sweet though
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